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Achieve Your Optimal Health with Comprehensive, Integrative, and Functional Medicine

    When it comes to health care, it is imperative to be on top of your physical, mental, and spiritual health for your overall well-being. Boynton Beach, FL age management physician Dr. Rolando Alvarez, MD, MS, works alongside a team of experts to provide lasting health solutions to optimize patient’s health.

    About them

    Being a decorated wellness center, your providers at PharmXhealthOne aim to provide holistic, naturopathic, and functional treatment therapies to all patients within Florida.

    Every facility is strategically located and fully equipped with advanced equipment and treatment techniques. The team accepts persons of all ages for various preventive and general health care services, including primary care, physical exams, men’s health, telemedicine, and urgent care.

    PharmXhealthOne staff emphasizes 5 Essentials™ to good healthy living, including preventive care, pure and good nutrition, exercise and oxygen, and decreasing toxin exposure. With this focus, they offer patients the necessary tools to achieve their distinct lifestyle and wellness goals, both medically and naturally. Your therapy begins with a simple full panel blood test (PGX) that avails vital information to optimize vitality and wellness.

    To help patients with these essential goals, patients can also find complementary services to enhance health and well-being. Anti-aging treatments, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP), hormone replacement therapy, body contouring, and plans to improve energy levels and diet are also available.

    Rather than diagnosing and treating specific symptoms, your providers work to identify and manage your problem’s underlying cause. This bid empowers patients, motivating them to gain additional knowledge about their bodies and health conditions.

    Every new patient receives a particular blood test that looks for vitamin deficiencies, genetic mutations, hormonal imbalances, and a genetic predisposition for cancer. With this unique approach to health care, your provider can minimize health risks associated with chronic conditions like fatigue, diabetes, and migraines. Patients may also benefit from stress management services and supplement treatment with nutraceuticals. Plus, the team also offers supplement orders over the phone and provides convenient home delivery.

    Services Offered

    Below is a sample of some of the quality services you can find at PharmXhealthOne:

    •       Weight Loss Specialist- Weight loss can prove challenging. Especially when you are trying to do it solo, lucky for you, the expert wellness team offers medically supervised weight loss services using medical nutrition therapy, custom meal plans, and more.
    •       Anti-Aging Specialist- Although it is impossible to stop the aging process entirely, with anti-aging services, you can get rid of uncomfortable side-effects and look as young as you feel. Contact the dexterous team at PharmXhealthOne for various anti-aging treatments, including PRP and radiofrequency body cavitation.
    •       Fatigue Specialist- More than 40% of Americans report experiencing fatigue at any given time. Although often ignored, fatigue can hamper the quality of your life, killing your energy and focus. Contact PharmXhealthOne specialists for expert diagnosis and treatment.
    •       Sexual Dysfunction Specialist- In the face of erectile dysfunction in men and frigidity in women, it would be useful to perform non-invasive stimulation of insufficient physiological mechanisms of sexual arousal. Contact the experts to experience a more vibrant sex life.

    To receive the best, most comprehensive integrative and functional medicine treatments, team up with the professionals at PharmXhealthOne. Book your consultation online or call the offices today.