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Active Manuka Honey – 3 Powerful Effects Honey Has On Your Skin

    You need to know that Manuka honey is mainly made in Australia and Newzealand when the bees pollinate the tea tree. It is very well known for treating wounds and infections. Since ancient times honey has been used to treat many different conditions and till 19 century some studies on honey had natural antibacterial qualities. This simply means that honey protects us against bacterial damage and some types of honey such as UMF honey also enhance the production of special cells that can help in the repair of damaged tissue by infection.  Manuka Honey also has an anti-inflammatory action that helps a lot to relieve pain and inflammation. 

     You need to know that the thing which gives Honey most of its quality is hydrogen peroxide but some types including Manuka honey e e have an important and major antibacterial component and that is a compound called methylglyoxal. This compound comes from the conversion of another compound found in Manuka honey and the compound is known as dihydroxyacetone,  and a higher concentration of this compound is found in the nectar of Manuka flowers.  If the concentration of methylglyoxal is higher in Honey then that simply means that the antibacterial effect is also stronger.  producers of honey have a specific scale for rating the potential of this honey and this rating is called UMF,  which stands for Unique Manuka Factor.  This rating shows the concentration of three different compounds found in the original Manuka honey and they are methylglyoxal,  dihydroxyacetone, and leptosperin.  Manuka Honey has a minimum rating of UMF 10 And more than is considered therapeutic. Check out metagenics collagenics reviews.

     The main medical use of honey such as UMF honey Is that it can be used to heal wounds and burns. Several types of research show that it has three important effects on the skin and they are

    Treatment Of Skin Cancer:  

    Different pieces of evidence suggest that this type of honey can help to treat skin cancer and other cancers.  The studies focused on the fact that this honey could slow down the growth and Reproduction of Cancer cells in the body.  it also so so that Honey can have anticancer properties

    Slow Aging: 

    Another important and amazing benefit of this type of funny is that it reduces the signs of aging specifically on the face.  it simply means that it helps a lot in reducing the fine lines and wrinkles which helps a lot to reduce under-eye bags and dark and this is a reason that it helps us to Slow Down The the process of aging and if you continuously use the honey then you will look fresh and younger than ever


    if you have dry skin then this honey can be very helpful to treat acne because it helps our skin to retain a sufficient amount of moisture and this is achieved because the honey prevents excessive production of sebum which is the main cause of acne.  And the main reason behind the treatment of acne is that the honey has antibacterial properties show it also helps to reduce swelling and redness in case of an accident