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Advanced Skincare Technology As An Alternative To Cosmetic Products

    Are you fed up by using a lot of cosmetics without getting expected results or facing the side effects of harmful chemicals? If yes, it’s time to turn towards a better technology that commits for assured results in a specific time period. People want an attractive to look at any cost. Thus they continuously use expensive cosmetics without knowing their future consequences. Be smart and go with advanced technology of intense pulse light aka IPL. This is a light therapy to heal many skin problems without requiring any medication or surgery. There are several benefits of choosing this therapy over cosmetics. Scroll down to gain more information. There is a great guide available with everything you want to know about radio frequency skin tightening devices at Guidingbeauty.

    Benefits of choosing IPL over cosmetics

    1)    They are non-invasive

    The best thing about IPL machine is its non-invasive procedure of working. Only a beam of wavelengths is focused on the skin for healing every kind of problem.

    2)    Visible results after the first use

    Cosmetics cannot assure you regarding their positive impacts in a specific period of time. Their results are always doubtful because of the mysterious ingredients that sometimes can be related to animal’s cruelty. If you compare it with IPL, it gives instant results even after the first treatment session. For instance, the first use of IPL machine on hair removal can drastically reduce their growth speed.  

    4)    Multipurpose

    One skin problem requires a complete kit of solutions like gels, ointments and creams if you go with a cosmetic option. On the other hand, the IPL technology is multipurpose that beneficiates user treatments including permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation and birthmark removal.

    3)    Safer for use

    A quality set of reliable companies like Universal IPL is much safer to use for skin treatment as compared to doubtful cosmetics and laser. Its light energy turns into heat energy for curing several skin abnormalities.

    How to Choose The Best Quality IPL Therapy, Expert

    1)    Search for online reviews

    There are some honest review sites like Glassdoor and Yelp where all registered agencies are present. Here previous employees can give star rating along with reviews positively and negatively. Don’t go with the reviews displaying on the website, they can be fake.

    2)    Ask for a qualification certificate

    The IPL therapy is specifically meant for facial impression improvement; thus it is important to be sure about the proficiency of the therapist. Ask for the qualification certificate that allows the user to operate it for commercial purpose.

    3)    Previous track record

    Checking the previous track record is also essential to identify their success ratio. You can get the contacts of old customers or talk to the customers who are currently enjoying this service.

    4)    Must pass all safety standards

    The IPL machine that you are going to use must pass all security standards. While using it for treatment, there are some potential threats that you cannot ignore such as scars, inflammation, blistering and pain. Therefore, the IPL machine must have an adequate cooling measure as well as a control panel to filter the wavelengths according to different issues.

    Apart from IPL, the advanced beauty salons also offer services with microdermabrasion machine and plasma. A proficient dermatologist examines your skin then suggests the perfect treatment option.

    The IPL technology is affordable and works effectively on several skin issues. However, trust only on reliable IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine expert who commit warranty of service. It is essential to discuss all skin sensitivity issues and medication courses with treatment expert before starting the session. It helps in preventing from any side effect during the treatment period.