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Advantages of undergoing ENT medical and cosmetic surgeries

    When you have issues that affect the nose, ears, and throat, your doctor could refer you to an ENT specialist. An ENT doctor could help with ear disorders like hearing impairment, disorders that affect balance, tinnitus, or pain in the ear. They could also treat congenital disorders in the ears. Otolaryngologists deal with issues with the nose areas such as problems in the nasal cavity, sinuses, and sleep apnea. They also help with throat issues such as swallowing problems and speech issues. When faced with the decision to undergo facial surgery in the ENT region, your otolaryngologist could perform some of the common surgeries. Seeking an expert Marrero LA facial plastic surgeon will put your mind at ease. Your doctor will guide you through the procedure with correct diagnosis, handling of the procedure from start to finish, and post-surgery care.

    Some of the Common ENT Facial Surgeries

    •       Biopsies

    An ENT doctor might do a biopsy on the nose, ear, or throat, as the procedure is simple; it involves the removal of tumors on this part of the face. The biopsy could require the use of local anesthesia, and it could be done in your doctor’s office. Your ENT expert may take a sample from the tumor tissue for endoscopy when necessary.

    •       Nasal septum surgery

    As people age, the septum line that divides the nose into two nasal passages could bend, and this might affect breathing creating a need for cosmetic and medical surgery to make the vertical wall straight. Nasal septum surgery is necessary if the deviation becomes a problem or if it blocks normal breathing. Your doctor will conduct an adequate examination to ensure that there are no other underlying problems on the nasal septum before suggesting a nasal surgery.

    •       Surgery on the tubes in the ears

    When an ear infection does not clear with treatment, your doctor could suggest surgery on the ear tubes to deal with different diseases. Your ENT expert could insert tiny tubes, which helps the passageway to stay open and to promote ventilation and drainage, and prevents fluid retention in the ear. This leads to an immediate reduction of pain in the ears, and it could also improve hearing.

    •       Tonsillectomy

    Tonsillectomy is mainly done to children who have problems with constant throat infections. Although tonsils play a key role in the immune system, constant infections could hurt a child, and its removal does not have a significant impact on the ability to fight infections. When the tonsils are removed, your child will rarely face ear and throat infections again.

    The Bottom Line

    Your ENT doctor could be your preferred surgeon when dealing with issues affecting the ears, nose, and throat as they are specialists with ENT issues. These ENT doctors have special skills, and they could adequately diagnose your condition, and you will be in good hands. Cosmetic and medical surgeries on the ENT area could help improve the quality of life as they enable you to get rid of infections that could be causing chronic pain. Some forms of ENT surgeries include biopsies, removal of tonsils, reconstruction of ear canals, and removal of sinuses.  Your ENT doctor could advise you on the appropriate procedure that could improve your condition.