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Aged Care Nursing Jobs in Australia With Sponsorship: What You Need to Know

    Australia puts a lot of importance on the health of its older citizens. In fact, the aged care system in the country is considered one of the best in the world, and it serves the elderly through basic support to full-time care. This is in line with the goal of providing the best quality of life to Australians. 

    In 2017, 14.29% of Australia’s population were over the age of 65, and that number is still set to grow by the coming years. This is why there’s a huge demand for aged care nursing jobs in Australia with sponsorship to keep up with the growing number of citizens in need of aged care. But what does it take to get one of these jobs?

    Demand for Aged Care Workers

    Even before COVID-19, there were already a lot of job opportunities in the country’s aged care sector, and the pay isn’t bad either. According to Payscale, a part-time aged care worker earns $22/hour, while a full-time aged care worker earns on average $44,118 annually. With the need for jobs in the sector, it’s easy to find hospitals in Australia offering sponsorship, and you can expect to be paid well when you work for them.

    Types of Jobs in Aged Care

    There are different types of aged care nursing jobs in Australia with sponsorship, and you can apply depending on your degree, skill level, and experience.


    • Aged care worker. You will offer hands-on care and in-home support to your clients, assisting them with their daily routines based on their individual care plan. Depending on their needs, you may live with the client for round-the-clock care or schedule visits to one of the hospitals or health facilities where they are admitted.
    • Care manager. As the highest position in an aged care facility, you will manage your staff, your clients, and the daily operations, making sure that everyone is taken care of and the business runs smoothly.
    • Registered nurse. If you are a registered nurse, you can choose to work in aged care, especially for clients who need clinical care in an aged care facility.
    • Home care nurse. You will have the same responsibilities as an aged care nurse, but you will be providing these services in a home care setting.
    • Residential support worker. You will perform daily tasks like cooking and cleaning on behalf of the client and take care of their needs.

    Qualifications for Aged Care Workers


    Although there are no strict requirements for working in aged care, different nursing sponsorship jobs Australia has today come with their own qualifications. However, most employers prefer working with professionals who had the necessary education and training so they don’t need to train or supervise them.

    The basic requirement for aged care workers is a Certificate III in Aged Care, which you can get by studying full-time in class or through an online course. If you want to apply for aged care nursing jobs in Australia with sponsorship, you would need a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and a license from the country’s nursing board. The more qualifications and experience you have, the better your chances are at getting hired for nurse sponsorship jobs Australia has to offer.

    If you want to secure one of the many jobs in aged care in Australia, it’s very important to get at least a certificate in aged care or a related degree if you want to specialise in nursing care or you want to qualify as a care manager in the future. You can also attend different training sessions that will help you gain more skills and experience to build a long and successful career in aged care. 

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