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All About DMSO Products, Its Chemical Nature, Uses And Preparation

    DMSO or DiMethyl Sulfoxide is basically a very powerful solvent, which is colourless in nature. It is sold only as a solvent. It can dissolve both polar and non-polar compounds. The compound has been used for various purposes all across the globe. However, it is essential for a buyer to make sure that the product quality is best, and meets well with the international standard. It is thus recommended to ensure that the source from where the DMSO products are brought meet well with the set guidelines. One can absolutely stay ensured about the safety and ease of usage upon having a better quality product.  

    Chemically Understanding DMSO Products:

    The best part about DMSO that makes it assured is, it being an absolutely organic and natural product. It mainly contains Sulphur and a compound (CH3) 2SO, which is the key compound making the product such incredible. The product is so useful due to its characteristic to get easily and quickly absorbed.

    While buying DMSO, it is recommended that one should have only DMSO products with 99.9% purity. Only these products ensure about the utmost quality and highest productivity. The best quality DMSO product holds the ability to carry any compound with a molecular weight of fewer than 1,000 Daltons. This makes DMSO products distinguishing over others.

    Taking a structural insight into the product, Dimethyl Sulfoxide is a very much organic and natural element that are driven from wood pulp. It is here to note that Dimethyl Sulfoxide is a pretty transparent liquid highly known for its efficacy of infusing into the active tissues. It is better known for its ability to stimulate the cellular functionalities. Unfragranced 99.9% grade DMSO is a fantastic element that is known for its range of usage across the globe.    


    DMSO is considered such a useful substance primarily for its greater usage in the therapeutic world. Various health conditions, starting from inflammatory diseases, burn cases, issues of sprains, separated joints, to various skin related issues, DMSO can be useful in many cases. Specifically, it is considered highly useful for the issues related to connective tissue and skin diseases like herpes.  DMSO is an acknowledged product for preservation of organ meant for transplantation. At the same time, DMSO is a highly useful product known for its good effects on the treatment of bladder diseases interstitial urinary tract infection. However, it is important to ensure that one should only go with the thoroughly labeled products; those are meant to be used as only the solvents.


    DMSO is basically prepared through wood pulp after refining it into organic Dimethyl Sulfoxide, which ensures about 99.9% of purity. For the best quality of these products, it is essential to be specifically selected, and processed to ensure that the desired level of purity is maintained. Dimethyl Sulfoxide is useful as it is an effective and exclusive transporter of molecular chemical products. It’s known to everyone that DMSO is available as a solvent only. However, many people remain in confusion about the amount of water essential for the dilution of DMSO solution.

    In this context, it is important to ensure that the desired ratio is to mix 3 part of water, along with 7 parts of DMSO. This is the accurate way of mixing or keeping the proportion correct. When it comes about diluting the DMSO one gets in the solid state, the best recommendation is always to put container containing DMSO within a bowl of mildly warm water and keep there as it is for a few minutes until the solution gets the form of a liquid. As far as the desired temperature is concerned for solidifying the DMSO, it is here to note that the DMSO turns solid when it is kept at a temperature under freezing or melting point of 18.4 degree Celsius.

    Great to see is the incredible availability of DMSO. However, as explained above, only the 99.9% grade products in this segment should only be taken in to account. At the same time, one should ensure that the product is perfectly labeled. DMSO products can be availed in containers of various sizes, ranging from 1 litre to 5 liters. It is available these days in 500 ml containers and gel forms as well.