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All You Need To Know About Botox Injectable

    Botox injectable is a purified non-animal protein that relaxes the specific muscles and greatly enhances the appearance of lines and furrows from mild to serious wrinkles. This causes a temporary relaxing to the muscles, softening unattractive animation lines, and revitalizing a pulled-down look. The procedure is designed for the patient with unattractive lines and wrinkles, or who want to go through Under Eye Filler Toronto. This procedure is usually target areas between the brown lines and crows. Doctors usually take 15 – 30 minutes to perform the injection, and patients can return to their work immediately after the procedure with little bruising and discoloration. 

    How does the Botox filler last?

    The Botox injectable effects last between 3 to 6 months, and patients can normally repeat the procedure 2 or 3 times a year.

    How much it costs?


    We charge by the number of injectable units used. If you get done injectable form one of Toronto’s finest cosmetic plastic surgeons, the per-unit costs for the initial 60 units are $18.00 per unit. Alternatively, the prices for personal skilled and experienced injection nurses vary from $8.99 to $12.00 per unit.

    What is a Botox Unit?

    The strength and amount of botox unit are measured just like the “mg” measures medications, and “ml” measures liquids. One unit gives a level of relaxation to the muscle. The more units are injected, the greater the degree of muscle relaxation the patient will get.  

    Pricing factors of Botox injectables

    Here we elaborated a few guidelines that an average woman requires. In contrast, male patients normally need higher dosages for adequate outcomes as they usually have larger animation muscles. The following dosage instructions for Botox Injectable are an approximation based on units for an average woman. Male patients normally need higher dosages for adequate outcomes as they usually have larger animation muscles. During the initial consultation, the number of units you will need for particular requirements will be addressed.


    • Crows feet                                       20-30 units
    • Frown Lines                                     20- 30 units
    • Lip lines                                             2-4 units
    • Forehead Worry Lines                   8-10 units
    • Between Eyes                              12-20 units
    • Brow Lift                                       2-5 units per side
    • Smile Lift                                       3-6 units per side
    • Dimpled Chin                                2-6 units per side
    • Hyperhidrosis Underarm           50 units per arm
    • Hyperhidrosis Hand                    50 units per palm

    Botox Injectable vs. Dermal Fillers

    Botox Injectable and dermal fillers such as Sculptr, Juvederm,  and Revanesse are non-invading cosmetic solutions that reduce wrinkle appearance and restore a youthful look.

    Botox Injectable treats lines and wrinkles by repairing the muscles behind complex facial wrinkles – such as smiling or frowning. On the other hand, dermal fillers use the sugar gel to target static wrinkles – lines, folds, and facial form.

    Where to get the best treatment?

    SOVEREIGN Skin Clinic has the best Botox injectable doctors in Toronto, and they have been performing these fillers for the last 16 years. Throughout this time period, they have developed extremely advanced and specialized Botox injectable techniques. Whether you want to get done Botox or dermal fillers Toronto, you can get in touch with the SOVEREIGN SKIN.