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All You Need to Know About Egg Freezing

    Do you want to put off having kids for a while as you concentrate on your career or other obligations, but are worried that the clock is ticking? Are you still single and have not found a suitable partner to start a family with? Whatever is keeping you from starting a family may be worrisome, but you need to be assured that you can create a family when you are ready without having to worry about fertility. Egg freezing in Newport Beach allows women to safely keep their eggs for that time in their life when they are ready to start a family.

    Who can freeze eggs?

    Any woman aged from 20 to 37 years old can go on with the procedure. The best time to freeze the eggs is in your twenties, although most women at this age may not know whether they will ever need the eggs or if they will conceive naturally. After the age of 37, fertility declines, and retrieving healthy and viable eggs gets harder. Most women harvest eggs in their 30s when they are at the peak of their careers. At this age, they know what they want and work hard to achieve it.

    Career choices are not the only reasons women may want to freeze their eggs. Being diagnosed with cancer or other diseases that may affect your fertility are good reasons to safeguard your future. Some medications, such as cancer treatments, may interfere with fertility or if you have a history of Turner’s Syndrome, a genetic mutation, or a condition that may affect the ovaries.

    How is egg freezing done?

    First, your doctor has to make sure that you are fertile. Hormones and any other necessary drugs may be injected into your system to increase your fertility levels. This is after a careful screening of diseases or conditions that may interfere with a successful egg harvesting. On your appointment day, the exercise is carried out at your doctor’s office. A tube is inserted through the vagina and directed towards mature follicles, and then the eggs are removed one at a time. General anesthesia may be applied.

    How long can you freeze eggs?

    You can freeze eggs for as long as you want, but the most successful cases come from eggs frozen for up to ten years. However, there have been successful cases of eggs that were frozen for 14 and even 24 years. Multiple eggs should be harvested to maximize the success rate. Because the eggs undergo a process before they are properly frozen, you may lose some. Also, there is the possibility of harvesting immature eggs. It is advisable to have at least 15 eggs frozen.

    Where should I go for the procedure?

    Seek a qualified egg freezing specialist with enough experience and the needed skills to carry out the procedure. Because it is a delicate exercise that may interfere with your ability to have children in the future, make sure to only work with a qualified and reputable specialist.

    For successful egg freezing, talk to your doctor for advice and available egg freezing options.