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All You Need to Know About Pea Protein

    Pea protein is a highly nutritious plant-based protein. It contains all the essential amino acids that your body needs. Plus, it’s easily digestible. It’s also an incredible source of protein that comprises of nine essential amino acids. Plus, pea protein is highly rich in arginine, valine, leucine, as well as, isoleucine. And these branched-chain amino acids are particularly useful in promoting muscle growth

    Being a rich source of iron, pea protein can also help improve your heart health and aid in weight loss. Here are more benefits offered by this plant-based product:

    Boosts Muscle Growth

    Pea protein is one of the most important proteins for building muscles. It’s also considered high-quality due to its high content of branched-chain amino acids. When combined with resistance training, this product can help build your muscles more efficiently. In fact, it’s as effective as whey protein. Adding more protein to your diet can significantly improve your bone health.

    Keeps You Satiated

    As compared to carbohydrates or fats, proteins can keep you fuller for longer. And this in turn results in overall reduced calorie intake. If you’re looking for a quick way to cut weight, make pea protein your top priority.

    Pea protein isolate is an incredible option for increasing your daily protein intake and giving you a sense of fullness after meals. Plus, this will go a long way in helping you lead a healthier and happier life.

    Improves Heart Health

    Pea protein is also a great source of lean protein. Research has also shown that pea protein can significantly reduce cholesterol levels. It typically works by promoting the uptake of cholesterol into cells and lowering the body’s production of fats.

    So, if you or your loved one has health-related issues, pea protein from Ingredients Direct can be an incredible solution.

    Rich Source of Iron      

    Pea protein is typically created by extracting protein from yellow peas. And consuming it can help boost your iron intake. Since the iron found in plant products is less absorbable than what’s contained in animal products, this can easily be improved by taking pea protein powder with vitamin c or citrus.

    Potential Side Effects

    Even though the pea protein has numerous benefits, it might have some mild side effects. For instance, pea protein powders are quite high in sodium-containing about 110 to 139mg per serving. So, if you’re on a sodium-restricted diet, avoid consuming pea protein. Check out advocare 24 day challenge guide.

    Despite this, pea protein is generally tolerated well. And this is mainly because of its extraction process. As opposed to whole peas, the refined version of pea protein doesn’t cause gassiness or bloating. If you’ve digestion issues, it would be better to opt for refined pea protein.

    The Bottom-Line

    Pea protein supplements are extremely nutritious. Plus, they offer exceptional health benefits. From building your muscle mass to improving heart health, keeping you satiated, and boosting your iron intake, pea protein has got so much to offer. Including pea protein in your daily diet can be extremely helpful to your health and overall well-being.