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All You Need to Know About Tooth Pain

    Almost every adult has come across tooth pain. According to research, even children can experience a toothache starting from the age of 10. Tooth pain occurs in or around the tooth. The main symptom of a toothache is pain, but you can experience others like swelling around the tooth, headache, fever, severe tooth sensitivity, and crying in children. Tooth pain can hinder you from doing your daily work. It is vital to seek medical treatment when the pain persists. Book an appointment with Novi tooth pain specialists because they are the best in dental care. Below are the causes of tooth pain.

    The primary causes of tooth pain

    Several oral complications can make you suffer a toothache. These oral complications can occur in the gums, root nerves, and jawbone. The causes include:

    1.     Tooth cavities and decay. When bacteria and germs decompose your tooth, it develops holes called cavities. Cavities act as an entrance to germs, which causes toothaches. Severe tooth decay can lead to extraction.

    2.     Tooth fractures. Oral injuries are very prevalent in children while playing. Even adults at work can incur oral damage. Tooth fractures can act as the entrance of bacteria, which can later cause tooth pain. Tooth pain is also prevalent after an injury. Veneers can also cause tooth cracking.

    3.      Infected gums. Unclean teeth are the cause of gum infections. Infected gums can distribute germs in the roots of the teeth, which can lead to tooth pain after a few days.

    4.     A damaged filling. Teeth with decay and cavities are saved through the filling. However, the filling can interfere with the nerves leading to tooth pain.

    After severe tooth pain, you can decide to visit your dentist for diagnosis and treatment. Below are ways your doctor can diagnose and treat tooth pain.

    Diagnosing and treating tooth pain

    Your doctor may ask you to bring the file to check your medical history. A physical examination can also be done. Using an x-ray, your doctor will examine your jawbone, gums, teeth, and roots. If the cause is determined, you will undergo the respective treatment. First, if the tooth damage is not severe, pain killers are offered to relieve pain. If a cavity is causing a toothache, a filling will be recommended. On the other hand, if your tooth is affected by nerve infections, a root canal will be necessary. Below are ways you can prevent tooth pain. Check out relief factor active ingredients.

    How to prevent tooth pain

    Tooth problems that bring tooth pain start as a result of bad oral hygiene. Clean your teeth twice a day with the recommended toothbrush and toothpaste. You can also prevent oral complications by visiting your dentist for a checkup twice a year. Avoid sugary food and drinks for healthy teeth.

    Studies show that tooth pain is not life-threatening, but it can get worse if it remains untreated. Treating tooth pain can help your doctor discover other oral complications like root infections. Consult Novi Family Dentistry center for tooth pain treatment and tips on oral hygiene.