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All you need to learn about gastric surgery and the amount of weight to lose after the procedure

    Have you ever wondered why some people take part in regular exercises and restricted diets but still end up adding weight? It is because the size of their stomach remains the same, thus accommodating the same amount of food as it used to. However, gastric surgery enables you to lose excess weight because it reduces the size of your stomach, thus reducing the amount of food to be eaten. Gastric sleeve in Frisco is performed by specialists qualified to perform and coach you as you implement healthy habits before and after the procedure.

    What is gastric sleeve surgery?

    Gastric sleeve surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, is a weight loss surgery that is very restrictive because it keeps the function of your stomach still intact. The health care provider performs gastric sleeve surgery using tiny incisions and a laparoscopic camera, a long and slender lighted camera that fits well through the small incisions. It is a technique that is less scary and requires minimal recovery time.

    Eighty percent of your stomach is usually removed during the surgery. Your stomach’s outer curvature is removed, and a unique stapler is used to make a banana-shaped stomach. You will not feel pain or consciously remember anything because you will be under general anesthesia during the whole procedure. In most cases, you are encouraged to stay in the hospital for a night recovering after gastric sleeve surgery before being discharged home.

    What are the benefits of gastric sleeve surgery?

    Most people who are trying to lose weight usually consider gastric sleeve surgery because it reduces your appetite. One eats the amount of food needed to sustain your body only. Similarly, with a small stomach, one feels full quickly and therefore controls the food’s portion sizes to be consumed. It is only by reducing your stomach’s size that gastric sleeve surgery can help reduce your hunger.

    Generally, ghrelin, which is a natural stomach hormone, is responsible for making one feel hungry and also notifies one when you are required to eat. Therefore during gastric sleeve surgery, the specialist removes the part of your stomach responsible for producing the above hormone. However, hunger will return after the procedure, but you will get full quickly because the size of your stomach is reduced.

    How much weight will I lose after gastric sleeve surgery?

    The amount of weight an individual loses after gastric sleeve surgery depends on how willing you are to commit to exercise and a diet plan as required after surgery. Most people who usually undergo gastric sleeve surgery can lose approximately thirty-five to forty percent of their excess weight within twelve to eighteen months.

    How to prepare for gastric sleeve surgery?

    The health care provider usually gives you a set of detailed instructions to follow before the gastric sleeve surgery procedure. These instructions can vary depending on the individual. Still, generally, they include smoking cessation, fasting starting midnight before surgery, consuming a liquid-only diet one week before surgery, and participating in pre and post-surgery lifestyle education. The care provider works with you closely before the surgery to ensure you are on track for a successful operation. The specialists also ensure you are aware of what to expect before, during, and after surgery.

    In summary, gastric sleeve surgery is the best option for weight loss surgery because it sets the stage for long-term changes. To determine if you are a candidate, call or visit The Bariatric Experts for more information and a consultation.