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Almased Review

    almased synergy diet review

    almased synergy diet review

    It is often assumed that all dietary weight loss supplements must inevitably come in pill form. These pills can be very troublesome for some people, and plain boring and unappetising for others.

    However, some companies have noticed an opening on the supplement market for supplements to come in more palatable forms, and this has lead to the proliferation of weight loss shakes.

    Today we will be reviewing just such a shake, the Almased Weight Loss Shake.

    What is Almased?

    Almased is a sort of dietary weight loss supplement that functions as a replacement meal. It doesn’t actually contain any weight loss components.

    Instead, it provides a healthy and balanced meal full of precisely the nutrients you need to lose weight, in the exact proportions you should take them.

    That means that Almased can be used as a weight loss supplement on its own, or in conjunction with a supplement in pill form, for even better results.

    It also implies that no diet regimen is necessary, since Almased replaces your meals, thus controlling the amount of calories you intake every day, as well as the precise molecular components you take in.

    In that sense, it is more effective than any diet, since it can more rigidly control what you take in. Furthermore, Almased also provides other health benefits as well.

    It increases the speed at which your metabolism functions, increases your level of energy, and starts to burn the fat that you already have stored inside your body.

    However, the primary effect of the shake is to reduce your overall daily caloric intake, which is the crux of the entire weight loss endeavour.


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    How does it work?

    almased synergy diet review

    Almased contains 27 grams of protein in every serving, which corresponds exactly to the body’s basic needs.

    Losing weight often means losing muscle mass as well, since the body is not very efficient at burning of fat, but sometimes goes for the muscle first.

    The protein content of Almased helps you rebuild any muscle mass that may get damaged during weight loss.

    Furthermore, as already stated, Almased improves the speed at which your metabolism functions. That is very important, since your metabolism determines the speed at which energy is stored and expended.

    By boosting your energy expenditure at your resting metabolic rate, you dramatically increase the speed at which you lose weight.

    Almased also works as a sort of hunger suppressant, since its formula was designed to keep you full for at least 4 to 6 hours.

    That means that during this time you will not have any food cravings, which also contributes to your overall weight loss, and slowly brings you to an overall caloric deficit, which is the goal of almost all weight loss plans.

    In order to provide these benefits, Almased includes a list of all natural ingredients with proven health benefits. Fistly, soy protein helps reduce your overall cholesterol levels, and keeps your muscles healthy as you lose weight.

    Secondly, it contains natural yoghurt, whose probiotic effects help keep your gut fit for purpose as you lose weight. Finally, honey, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, and helps detoxify our body.

    The manufacturer also advises adding your own ingredients to the shake, as per your preference. These ingredients could include fruit, either fresh or dry, or cinnamon, which has many health-boosting qualities of its own.

    When preparing your shake, you should mix 9 tablespoons of the shake powder into 12 ounces of liquid. The choice of liquid is up to you, it could be water, but also fresh fruit juice, milk, and other healthy drinks.

    It is important to consume your shake immediately after you mix it, since the drink is perishable.

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    What are the benefits of Almased?

    There are certain benefits provided by the Almased shake that are not available to you by using other supplements, especially those in pill form.

    almased synergy diet review

    Firstly, the fact that it is a shake means that it can be taken by people who have trouble swallowing pills, as well as by those who simply find pills unpalatable.

    Furthermore, the liquid form means that the ingredients are absorbed much more quickly, thus providing a faster effect.

    Secondly, Almased is an all natural shake, with well known ingredients and a common-sense approach. This shake is designed for people who don’t want to experiment with various thermogenic supplements, or chemical appetite blockers.

    It is for people who want a simple, natural approach to weight loss, while retaining muscle mass.


    Almased is a great alternative to standard weight loss supplements. It sets itself apart from competitors by offering a simple and down to earth solution to the problem of weight loss.

    So, if you are done with taking supplement pills and want to try something new, Almased may be the product for you.

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