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Alternative Disc Therapy: Who Benefits?


    If you have been diagnosed with a herniated disc, then you can opt for an artificial disc replacement. Most patients having this issue choose to undergo spinal fusion. However, Caldwell PRP treatment is becoming common nowadays. Determining whether disc replacement is ideal for you largely depends on your general health and other related back issues. 

    If someone can benefit from undergoing disc replacement, then they stand to enjoy improved mobility and standard spinal fusion. The benefits of this treatment include:

    Patients Seeking to Preserve a Range of Motion

    Preserving your motion is one of the biggest benefits of disc replacement over a spinal fusion treatment. This is due to the fact that the new disc is in place to restore a wide range of motions. This is good news for someone participating in active physical activities such as athletics or sports. It also makes a great difference as you continue your present line of employment if your work requires performing a wide range of motions. 

    Most patients who have undergone artificial disc replacement have returned to their normal activities without any issues or complications. This includes being able to perform vigorous exercises after months of the surgery. 

    Patients Who Need Faster Recovery

    Disc replacements take less time to recover than if you undergo a spinal fusion. Often patients need fewer medications after the procedure. Besides, you have fewer chances of complications. As much as there is a certain amount of risk with surgery, you enjoy better long-term benefits. Plus, the disc replacement has a lesser chance of causing degeneration in other discs, unlike spinal fusion. 

    Cervical Spine Candidates

    If your herniated disc is on your neck, then the disc replacement is done at your cervical spine. Candidates for this procedure are those suffering from arm and neck pains because of disc problems. To be an ideal candidate, you must not have extensive spinal deformities or arthritis. You are ruled out of this procedure if your facet joints have degenerated because the damage limits various motions. 

    Patients Experiencing Lower Back Pain 

    A candidate for disc replacement in the lower back or lumbar region must not have undergone spinal surgery. Factors that make you ideal for artificial disc replacement include having a normal weight, no spinal deformities, no widespread joint problems, or just one or two discs that are causing problems. 

    How to Overcome Your Situation

    The best way to overcome your problem is by contacting a specialist for advice. Schedule consultation service with the spinal or back pain specialist. The doctor will examine your spine problem and check your medical history for any surgeries you have undergone in the recent past. The specialist also diagnoses the problem with your discs and gives you possible treatments like artificial disc replacement. You can call the specialist and arrange an appointment to know your condition and possible treatment options to consider. Many patients have undergone successful treatment and have resumed their normal lives and are now able to do a wide range of motion activities without stress or straining.