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Alternative Treatments For Back Pain

    Did you know that back pain is one of the most common reasons that people miss out on work and other daily activities? Unfortunately, there is a good chance that you will probably experience some kind of back pain at least once in your life. Chances are it might be when you are older and the body is breaking down. However, it really doesn’t take much to tweak the back. Simply lifting something in the wrong manner, bending over in the wrong way, or turning too fast in an awkward direction could potentially lead to major back pains. Not to worry though, because there are lots of alternative ways you can treat this back pain. Any professional at Back and Body NYC will tell you that acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine that has been utilized for a number of years now to provide relief for a variety of ailments.


    More about this treatment method and others will be provided below.

    Take Advantage Of Acupuncture


    The process involves sticking needles into certain pressure points in the skin to help eliminate the pain. This type of treatment can come in especially handy if you are dealing with muscle spasms or nerve-related pain. Most individuals will report instant relief right after a session and sometimes the relief can last as long as several weeks.

    The Power Of Massages


    A massage is not only soothing, but it actually has the ability to treat back pain. The process will release tightness in the muscles around the inflamed area of the back. In fact, a good round of back massages can soothe your back pain, improve your overall function, and help you cut down on the amount of pain medication that you are taking. A regular message therapy routine could help keep your symptoms at bay for as long as six months. Keep in mind that there are self-massage techniques available, so you can practice these techniques at home on your own. Try mixing in essential oils for back pain relief with the massage for maximum effect. A good massage therapist can show you how to do this or you could probably even find more information online.

    Get Busy With Exercise


    You should probably already have some kind of regular exercise routine, but there is a good chance that your back pain has probably kept yours from it. Well, you might be surprised to learn that sitting around and doing nothing is just going to make the pain worse. Being active helps release the pressure on the disks in your back. You don’t have to lift weights or go all out, but something as simple as walking, standing up and stretching, swimming, biking, or even Tai chi can go a long way. The goal is to strengthen your core.

    Herbal Options


    There are a lot of individuals out there with back pain that have claimed herbal remedies helped keep their pain at bay. This is entirely possible, but unfortunately there really isn’t a lot of scientific evidence backing the subject. Capsaicin cream is one of the most popular herbal treatments out there, as it is just a form of cayenne pepper that can be applied to the affected area. It supposedly blocks pain signals and prevents them from reaching it brain.