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Alvityl Multivitamin Review

    Alvityl Multivitamin reviews

    Alvityl Multivitamin reviews

    With today’s hectic way of life, a lot of us are not eating right. We’re not eating enough good food, and that includes fruits and vegetables, which means we’re lacking vitamins and minerals.

    But it’s even worse when the same thing happens to children. If children are lacking proper nutrients, this can compromise their development.

    How to Improve Children’s Nutrition?

    Well, for starters, one of the obvious solutions is to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. This will provide them with the much-needed vitamins and minerals that they require for proper development. However, that’s not always easy to do.

    You don’t have to be a parent to know that children can be very picky when it comes to their food. So how do you improve the nutrition with their pickiness in mind?

    One solution is to give them vitamins and minerals in the form of a food supplement. One of such supplements is Alvityl Multivitamin, a syrup that contains 11 vitamins to help children with their nutrition. The product is intended for children ages 3 and older.

    What is Alvityl Multivitamin?

    Alvityl Multivitamin is a syrup which comes in a special pressurized bottle designed to preserve the vitamins, even after the bottle has been opened.

    Syrup is a great choice for kids, as they prefer it more to pills. What’s more, this is a good option for kids that have swallowing difficulties, so they will enjoy the syrup more. It tastes pleasant, so even the pickiest eaters won’t complain about it.

    Aside from the Alvityl Multivitamin syrup, there’s also Alvityl Defenses. This is a propolis syrup that features 3 active ingredients: Vitamin C and fluid extract of Echinacea and Propolis, which help strengthen the natural immunity.


    Alvityl Multivitamin reviews

    The formula in the Alvityl Multivitamin contains 11 vitamins that are necessary for the proper growth and development of children.

    Those are vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, B9, C, D3, and E. But it’s not just the sheer amount of vitamins included here that’s interesting.

    This also covers 100% of daily recommended amount for these vitamins, so this syrup will provide your kids with everything they need.

    With these vitamins, your children will feel less tired, and thanks to the vitamin D, their bones will be healthier.

    This is especially important if they’re not eating enough dairy products or drinking milk, for example. And the vitamin A will be great for the skin and eyesight, which is equally important in the development of every child.


    Alvityl Multivitamin reviews

    For children aged 3-6, the recommended daily dose of Alvityl Multivitamin is 1 teaspoon, or 5 ml of the syrup. For children older than 6, as well as adolescents, the recommended daily dose is 2 teaspoons a day, or 10 ml of the syrup.

    Of course, as is the case with many other supplements, this daily dose should not be exceeded. Kids should also maintain a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle to have proper growth and development.

    When to Use

    Parents can give Alvityl Multivitamin to their children daily, within the recommended dose that depends on the age of the child.

    This product is a great supplement if the children are lacking vitamins, and it can also boost their immunity. This is especially important during the common cold season, when they’re exposed to harmful viruses that attack their immune system.

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    Benefits of Alvityl Multivitamin

    Using Alvityl Multivitamin syrup has many positive aspects, as it covers 100% of the daily recommended amount of 11 vitamins.

    This is a great supplement if the child is not getting enough vitamins in their everyday food, but it’s also a great additional source of vitamins. It can help kids boost their immunity system, especially during sensitive periods such as the common cold season.

    Another benefit to using Alvityl Multivitamin syrup is helping children with fatigue, as it will boost their energy. The lack of energy can occur for various reasons, and poor nutrition is one of them. Another source of fatigue can be lack of sleep.

    Children younger than 6 need more than 12 hours of sleep, plus naps. On the other hand, children older than 6 need between 9 hours and 10 hours of sleep.


    Alvityl Multivitamin is a great solution for supplementing vitamins in children’s everyday diet. Thanks to its pleasant taste, it will appeal even to the pickiest children, who will enjoy the taste of it.

    The special formula that features 11 vitamins covers 100% of the recommended daily doses of those vitamins, so this represents a great all-in-one solution for children’s health.

    The syrup will help the kids deal with fatigue, but also support healthy growth of their bones, which is crucial. Overall, Alvityl Multivitamin is a good recommendation for every parent who is thinking about how to supplement vitamins in their kids’ everyday diet.

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    Alvityl Multivitamin