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An effective cancer treatment center

    Cancer is a leading disease that causes many deaths in the world. The rapid disease creation of abnormal cells that grow beyond the standard limit, which in turn invade other parts of the body. Most people die due to a lack of proper treatment and inadequate treatment facilities to offer recommended treatment. Suppose you have been diagnosed with any cancer, worry no more as Florida Lakes Surgery provides oncology in Sebring through its specialized doctors to help you manage your cancer and track its progression. Call or book online today to schedule an appointment.

    Five risk factors that cause cancer

    Lifestyle factors

    This includes smoking, alcohol consumption, eating a high-fat diet, or even working in conditions where one is exposed to toxic chemical substances such as asbestos or aflatoxins.

    Family history

    In this factor, cancer of various forms is present more than once in a family. It is either caused by a genetic mutation, exposure to chemicals, or a combination of both.

    Genetic disorders

    This happens when the immune system is altered and produces abnormal cells, which can be cancerous. It can be related to genetic defects or exposure to viruses or chemicals.

    Environmental exposure

    There are certain chemicals such as pesticides that are a direct link to cancer problems, mostly in children.

    Physical carcinogens

    This occurs when one is exposed to high-dose chemotherapy and radiation. It results in altering cells or the immune system, which may cause the development of cancer.

    What are the different types of cancer?

    Different types of cancer are possible, and they include:

    ·   Brain cancer- This is a tumor that originates in the brain and occurs due to brain cell mutations.

    ·   Bone cancer- This may result due to genetic disorders or previous treatment for other conditions.

    ·   Cervical cancer- This develops on the narrow organ at the bottom of the uterus.

    ·   Intestinal cancer- It affects the small intestines.

    ·   Lung cancer- Occurs in the lungs when the cells start to grow out of control.

    ·   Prostate cancer- Occurs in the prostate gland.

    ·   Leukemia- A cancer of the bone marrow, which creates blood cells.

    Cancer is preventable in various ways. These include:

    ·   Avoid any use of tobacco and also being close to those who smoke.

    ·   Advocate for a healthy diet free from chemicals such as preservatives.

    ·   Limit alcohol intake.

    ·   Stay healthy by exercising regularly.

    ·   Avoid direct radiation.

    ·   Get a regular cancer screening to spot any early signs that may show up.

    There are various methods of cancer treatment depending on the type of cancer and how advanced it is. These methods include:

    ·   Chemotherapy- Mostly performed for cancer in advanced stages using medications to kill cancer cells.

    ·   Surgery- Performed on the affected parts.

    ·   Radiation therapy- Uses beams of light to kill cancer cells inside or outside the body.

    ·   Immunotherapy- Use of antibodies to help the immune system fight cancer.

    ·   Stem cell transplant involves repairs of the affected bone marrow.

    ·   Hormonal therapy consists of the use of drugs to stop cell production and may increase the growth of cancer.

    Many have lost hope of where and how they will treat this deadly disease. Florida Lakes has come to the rescue as it offers specialized treatment for these cancer problems. To schedule an appointment, call or book online today.