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An insight into using marijuana to improve your sleep

    Sleep is a vital element to balance physical and mental wellbeing. Plenty of patients complain of insomnia and disturbed sleep. More than half of the global population is sleep deprived. Hence, if you face issues to shut your eyes at night, do not worry as you are not the only one. 


    Physicians prescribe marijuana to patients suffering from sleep disorders. It is the power to restore the natural cycle of sleep altered due to modern-day living. If you are among those who are insomniac or tossing and turning all through the night, marijuana is the right drug for you. Online dispensary West Coast Botanics can be the perfect place for you to buy marijuana that suits your need.


    How does it help?


    Marijuana is in use for centuries as an effective sleep aid. The cannabis plant has a soothing and tranquilizing effect on a person’s body and mind. It lulls a person to sleep soundly. Cannabis is said to reduce the time taken to make a person fall asleep. Many people fall asleep easily but are restless throughout the night. Their time spent in deep sleep is less. Marijuana contains agents that naturally improve the quality of sleep.


    Marijuana has various strains based on the energizing levels of individuals. 

    While some of them cause a person to get more high and reinvigorated, and others have a sedative and calming effect. The cannabis plant contains various natural compounds that work for inducing sleep and enhance the quality of sleep.


    Doctors use Cannabinoid or CBN to treat anxiety, depression, and other chronic ailments such as Alzheimer’s and persistent pains.  


    Few types of Cannabinoid are as follows


    Cannabidiol, also is known as CBD


    It acts as a calming and pain-relieving drug that soothes the body and mind. 

    CBD is a compound that opposes to getting high on drugs. On the contrary, it balances the intoxication provided by the other compound called Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. It is massively popular for bringing down the levels of anxiety, restlessness, and depression. It also improves mental well-being by enhancing concentration and reducing brain fogging, thus helping individuals be more focused.


    Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC


    THC is the main compound of cannabis that causes a person to get charged up. However, it is acknowledged for providing relief from chronic pains and reduces nauseating feelings. THC has received great admiration for enhancing the quality of breathing while you sleep.


    Here are a few points to consider before you resort to cannabis for sleep


    • Ingesting any drug is injurious to health. Thus, one must consume it with discretion. 


    • To improve your sleep quality, you must make a few lifestyle changes and consult your health physician for the same. Doctors never recommend any tranquilizers for long term usage. 


    • Smoking marijuana can destroy your lungs due to the high levels of volatile chemicals present in it, raising the risk of diseases such as cancer. Teenagers should avoid marijuana or any other drug as it increases brain fogging and has a lasting impact on individuals’ mental health, also hindering learning and recall.


    Thus medical supervision is mandatory to consume it in the prescribed quantity.