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Apple Swan Recipe

    Todays’ blog is going to help you make a very creative, edible, and fancy swan of your choice with an apple. Following a few steps will make a simple apple turn into a very cute edible swan. This apple carving is perfect to decorate and bring in parties, family dinners, or even friends’ hangout parties. Just to enjoy the healthy meal in a fancy way. This apple swan idea has been followed for so many years. This idea was presented by the ‘King of random’ and resulted in being very famous.

    It is truly fun to be productive once in a while in the kitchenette. This creativity won’t take up your time as it does not require any baking or cooking, your knife using skills would go great on your way. You are also not required to be skillful in using a knife as well, the basic skills are good to start with this art. You can make your food presentation alot more elegant by putting the apple swan on your table. So, impress everyone, and let’s do it.

    Step 1 – Things You Need 

    To make this piece of art, you need a few tools and ingredients.

    • Apples of any color (green, red, or yellow) 
    • One OTF Knife
    • Chopping board 
    • 2 Butter knives that can be ¼’’ thick 
    • Lemon to squeeze or spray in the end


    Step 2 – Basic Cutting

    • First, grab your favorite colored apples and wash them to make to clean and polished before cutting. 
    • Now, cut the apple diagonally from the center keeping one part of the apple smaller than the other. 
    • Once you have cut the apple into half, put the smaller side of the apple away for a while. 
    • Now, put the bigger half of the apple on the cutting board and take 2 butter knives of ¼’’ inch thickness as ‘guidelines’.  This is to avoid accidentally cutting the apple apart into two. 
    • Remove the seeds from the apple to make eyes.

    Step 3 – Wings Of The Swan

    • Cut the apple pieces into smaller ones with the same OTF knife to make layers of wings.
    • The butter knives are great to help you cut with good and precise measures.
    • Now you have to repeat the procedure of cutting both the two pieces into 4 smaller pieces. 

    Step 4 – Proper Wing Cuts

    • Lay the OTF knife flat on the butter knives 
    • Cut in the direction of the middle of the apple, until you take a large wedge out.
    • Now after cutting 8 equal parts of the wings. Join the apple wings with each other as wanted.
    • In the end, fix the wings of the apple swan with the main body of the swan very carefully.

    Step 5 – Neck of The Edible Swan

    • Now holding the main body of the apple, make a hole in between to fix in the neck of the swan. 
    • Take that extra piece out and put it away.

    Step 6 – Shaping out the Head

    • Make a head using the smaller part of the apple that was cut before. Using a 5mm piece of that remaining apple, cut into 3.
    • Now after making a nice shaped head, fix it onto the body of the swan. 
    • Carefully pick for two seeds of the same shape and dig them in the head of the swan. 

    Step 7 – Assembling

    • Assemble up very nicely together as it looks very rough right now.
    • Fix the wings to the right and equal position.
    • Finally, squeeze some lemon on to the apple so that it doesn’t fade and end up looking fresh for a maximum of 3 to 4 days.
    • The lemon helps to prevent the apple from getting brown.


    Hopefully, going through the whole recipe would amaze you in terms of creativity. This recipe is all about knife skills, so going through KnifeAdvice site will help you in picking the right knife for your recipes. 


    This ten-minute recipe ends up very beautiful and will make you feel very creative. We will appreciate it if you make this fancy and digestible apple swan. Hope you liked it and understood each step of this apple swan very clearly. You can also sprinkle some and eat it right away!