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Are Fetishes Bad for Your Health?

    The world of sex has been fascinated by humans since ages. We love to talk about sexual desires and fantasies, to think about it but most importantly, to actually have it in our lives. For some people, the sex act is the most fulfilled when it’s simple and delicate. For others, however, sex is better when it’s spiced up with extra toys, costumes, or body parts. The variety of sexual worships is endless. It can be either a body part, clothes, or special accessories. The feet are by far the most common fetish among humans, especially among men. Why? The answer is not so obvious because every human is different and even the experts don’t know exactly why we have those fantasies. The key question, however, is whether our health is affected by those sexual desires?


    What is a sexual fetish?


    Let’s begin with the definition of fetish. It is sexual excitation and desire in response to an object or especially with non-sexual parts of the human body. When a person sees the object which excites, the reaction can be erection and orgasm. Very often, a man or a woman asks his or her partner, to wear special clothes or costumes during their intercourse in order to achieve deeper arousal. However, when it comes to animals’ costumes or BDSM clothes, it can be a pleasure for a particular group of people, whereas for others it will be a very confusing and weird type of preference. Therefore, the most important matter is to talk with a partner about our fetishes before the sexual activity will start. We don’t want our boyfriend or girlfriend to be shocked when we come into the bedroom wearing a furry cat costume or latex BDSM lingerie. Being honest and truthful is the basis of every relationship in human life.


    Impact on health


    There are a lot of controversies about sexual fetishes which aroused among people. Is it safe for us and our partner or is it a deviation? Should we visit a sexologist when we cannot control it? Unless it is not a self-destructive behavior and you don’t use force to pressure someone to fulfill your desires, there is nothing alarming in it. Even though it’s normal to have such sexual fantasies, some people cannot control it in a way that it won’t disrupt everyday life. If a fetish becomes an obsession and causes physical harm, one should consider searching for help from sexologists and therapists. Generally, it’s completely normal to feel excited because of the particular object or a body part and it can actually spice up our sex life. However, if you have noticed that it is not under your control anymore, and it causes harm in your life, you should consider visiting a specialist.

    Foot fetish


    We would like to focus on the most common fetish among people, especially among men, which are feet. The reason for sexual interest in feet is not clear for scientists but women’s feet are extremely sexy for the majority of men. For part of this group, feet are this body part which causes deep excitement, even an orgasm, and those men should definitely try the foot worship London. Attractive women with sexy feet are definitely appealing and tempting. Undoubtedly, the individual desires and diverse fetishes are what makes our life so interesting and exciting. 


    To sum up, there is nothing inaccurate to have a fetish unless you force someone to fulfill your desires or you cannot control it in everyday life situations. According to sex therapists, unconventional sexual behaviors which are done by courtesy of the partner, are not a deviation. On the contrary, it’s more like a fantasy which can spice up our relationships and experiences, and it can be part of healthy sex life.