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Are Husky Owners Healthier People?

    We all know that dogs benefit us in many ways. As much as husky owners love their beautiful breed, we need to take a look at whether husky owners are healthier than non-husky owners. Husky owners take good care of their dogs, from giving them good exercise to consulting with Dog Food Smart to find out what the best dog food for Siberian Huskies is. So, does owning huskies give back all of that care?


    Huskies Make You More Active

    To begin with, owning a husky means that you are going to be more active than other people. Huskies are good for the Iditarod because of their natural love for running. These dogs need to be kept moving. So, if you are looking for a running or walking partner, huskies are a great choice. Husky owners are more likely to stick with a fitness schedule as well because it is not just beneficial to us, as people, but to our dogs.


    Huskies Can Help Your Mental Health

    Outside of your physical health and activity level, huskies can also help with your mental health and social relationships. Being close with a husky will increase your social interactions with other humans. They can help ease you out of social anxiety while improving your self-esteem and self-confidence. Children who live with huskies are less likely to suffer from depression than children who don’t have dogs. Huskies create a genuine feeling of love and attachment.


    Huskies Can Help With Chronic Disease

    If you think about it, if you are more active with your husky and you are feeling better about yourself, you might be able to prevent some chronic diseases. Husky owners who walk their dogs regularly are less likely to develop diabetes than non-dog owners. They can also prevent the development of allergies in children, as well as asthma. If you already have a chronic disease, a husky can also help you manage it, lowering anxiety and any agitation that you might have.


    Huskies Help You Live Longer

    Husky owners can also experience the benefit of living a longer, better life. This is a direct result of all of the love and care that you share with your husky. Because they help keep you active with a good purpose in life, you are less likely to make poor choices about yourself as you get older. As a result, you are less likely to develop diseases that you might have otherwise, keeping your body and mind both healthy. Heart patients especially have been shown to live longer with the love of a dog than heart patients without. 


    If you have been considering whether adopting a husky was the right choice for you, it is safe to say that it is a choice that can change your life and, in some cases, go so far as saving your life. You will never find a better companion than your dog and you will, in turn, be giving him or her a loving home.