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Are Male Enhancement Pills Safe? The Beginners Guide

    Consumers, especially in America, are laid open to an overwhelming variety of dietary and homeopathic supplements. These products come in the form of tonics, pills, and tablets which promise to enhance a man’s sex life dramatically. Government organizations such as FDA rule these sexual enhancement products as safe, giving them the right to advertise, but how safe are they?

    Male enhancement pills refer to a range of herbal products which are believed to heighten sexual performance in several ways. However, most of the consumers are not aware that these supplements are not safe for use. People end up spending hundreds of thousands buying these pills whose efficacy is neither validated nor backed by scientific proof. 

    Products to enhance sexual performance have always been in the market for centuries now. Most of the products contain illegal substances. For instance, in 2006, during the fight against counterfeit impotence and sexual improvement products, the FDA found out that 17 of these supplements contained criminal, potentially harmful elements.

    Are the pills safe?

    No, they are not. There is a lack of evidence on the safety and effectiveness of sexual enhancement pills. Inadequate research on the medicines exposes the customers to unrecognized health risks since the pills contain elements whose therapeutic benefits are unknown.

    Besides, people marketing these supplements are famous for their deceptive and fraudulent practices. The need to make high profits should not outdo the professional responsibility to show proof of the safety of the products.

    For instance, in 2012, a supplement known as “Rock Hard” for men, was found to contain a diabetes drug and counterfeit Cialis. These two components are lethal if incorrectly used. In 2009, the same combination killed dozens of men in Asia.

    Another product, “Mojo Nights,” was analyzed by FDA and was found to be inclusive of counterfeit Viagra as well as three separate analog drugs. There are millions of pills coming into the market, which are tainted. Therefore, these supplements are unsafe.

    Do these pills work?

    Compared to medication, these pills do not work similarly. While most people attest to the pills working for them, sometimes not all of them will improve sexual performance or penis size.

    There is no scientific research that proves its effectiveness. Most times, they have a placebo effect– people notice an improvement in their sexual life because they psychologically believe they are getting help. 

    Risks of buying these supplements online

    If you still want to try these supplements, we recommend you conduct background research on the company and the drug. While buying online ascertains anonymity, there are more risks involved.

    First, most online products do not undergo testing. Hence, they can be dangerous since nobody knows the content of the supplements, posing a severe threat to your health. Second, most online products do not have a money-back guarantee, which could cause financial loss.

    Third, unlicensed online sex products are likely not to fail. Lastly, if anything goes wrong and you need support, it might not be available. 

    We recommend you buy supplements from a registered company with an online physical address. So that in the event you need clarification, you can seek it conveniently. If you must buy online, consider making your purchase from a registered site. Ensure the doctors selling are licensed. 

    Expected side effects

    Most enhancement pills will claim to be free of side effects. However, in reality, they have some. Majority of these products come from herbal origins. Considering herbal products contain immense amounts of active doses and other unknown ingredients, it could mean there is a high chance of side effects. 

    Most of these pills increase nitric oxide levels in the blood. Nitric oxide, being a vasodilator, will widen your blood vessels and increase blood flow. These drugs use this mentality to increase blood flow to your penis. It will then make the penis erect and improve your performance. 

    Side-effects you should expect from these medications include:

    • Headache- it is the most common effect which arises from the sudden increase in blood flow. If you encounter this, rather than changing brands, consider consulting a professional.


    • Digestive system issues- under this category, you are likely to experience diarrhea and indigestion. To alleviate these symptoms, consider drinking more water as opposed to caffeinated drinks. 


    • Dizziness- the rise in nitric oxide could result in dizziness. The dizziness is usually mild and could cause discomfort.


    • Body pains- some men report muscle aches while some report lower back aches when using erectile dysfunction supplements. Sometimes painkillers could help, but we recommend seeking professional help if the pain persists. 

    Final Verdict

    It is natural to want to become more active all the way. But before ordering that supplement you want to try out, conduct background research. Ensure you buy products from a licensed and reputable company. If buying online, always check to see the site is registered and the operatives have a medical background. It’s always safe to practice caution.