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Are Microneedles Better for the Patient’s Skin?

    Technology has come a long way to improve physical appearance and help many (especially women) achieve fairer, smoother, and younger-looking skin. Microneedles or microneedling procedure is an invasive therapeutic procedure that’s guaranteed safe, effective, and pretty straightforward. 


    It’s first introduced as a skin rejuvenation process. It is now being practiced for alopecia, acne, acne scar treatment, burn scar or post-traumatic scar, drug delivery, stretch marks, hyperhidrosis, and more. But the question is, are these microneedles ‘really safe’ for your skin? How efficient are they? What should you expect with the procedure, and are there setbacks to be ready in case? 


    What Are Microneedles? Are They Safe?


    Microneedles are starting to create a buzz for people searching for the best, most effective, and relatively affordable options for skin rejuvenation and facial scars. Microneedling is a minimally invasive method that requires controlled and superficial puncturing of the epidermis through finely miniature needles rolling into the skin. 


    It was traditionally used for collagen induction therapy. The method is safe to combine with several invasive procedures for better results. Thanks to continuous innovation, more instruments are now associated with the process. 


    With various devices you can choose from, it’s essential to have a more comprehensive knowledge about which products are widely used and recommended by aestheticians. Not all microneedles offer the same efficiency as MD Needle Pen, and it’s essential to know the benefits and precautions with these devices. You can find out why MD Needle Pen is the prefered microneedling device choice by professionals and doctors when it comes to microneedling procedure. 


    While the process is guaranteed safe, there are essential factors that you need to understand to have a higher success rate and minimal to no setbacks after the microneedling procedure. 


    •  Microneedles are manufactured from various materials like titanium, silicon, polymers, and stainless steel.
    • Several microneedles are manufactured of drugs or vaccines that need to be induced into your epidermis through needle-shape instruments for quick penetration.
    • These are small needles and tiny enough to only measure in μm (millionths of a meter) to deliver medications. 
    • It’s the process of pricking your skin through a dermaroller.
    • The process’s primary goal is to help your skin generate skin tissues and new collagen for a more toned, firmer, and smoother skin. 
    • It’s widely used to treat several skin issues, scars, large pores, wrinkles, etc. 


    It’s not recommended for pregnant women and those who have active acne medication treatment. While the process is safe, you may experience irritation and redness after undergoing microneedling. 


    Is Microneedling Good For Your Skin?


    Microneedling procedure is straightforward, highly-effective, and safe. It helps with skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, stretch marks, alopecia, and more. Collagen induction treatment is an effective anti-aging method used for sunspots and eyelid surgery. 


    The process is not effective with hair loss treatment despite collagen induction treatment. Microneedling is highly recommended for people with excellent overall health conditions or skin issues that don’t respond with at-home remedies and treatments or from dermatologic methods, including peels.


    • Microneedling can be an alternative anti-ageing process instead of going over for cosmetic surgery. 
    • The method encourages the skin to produce more collagen. 
    • Microneedles pinpricks your skin, which causes minimal injury and lets’ skin respond quickly by making fresh tissues that are collagen-field. 


    The procedure is commonly done on the face area, which targets uneven skin tone, large pores, reduces skin elasticity, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and acne scars, to name a few. In certain instances, microneedling is highly effective with stretch mark treatment on various areas of your body, especially on your abdominal and thigh areas. 


    Microneedling Potential Risk And Setbacks


    Like most aesthetic procedures, it’s best to be aware of the potential risk involved with the process. While skin irritation is a common setback following the process, skin redness can also be visible. Besides this, if you notice severe peeling, infection, bruises, or skin bleeding, you must immediately call your attending physician. 


    No matter how efficient the process of using microneedles and how safe it is, some people cannot be a great candidate for the procedure. For instance, pregnant women are restricted from undergoing the procedure. next are people with skin scars history, active radiation therapy or have recently gone through, with open wounds, psoriasis, eczema, and other skin illnesses




    The procedure involves professionals who are well-trained and certified to conduct the method of microneedling. As a potential patient, it’s also your responsibility to do a thorough background check of the doctor that attends the process. Nonetheless, microneedling or the use of microneedles is a highly-effective method that can reduce or eliminate skin issues.