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Are You A Side Sleeper? Choose the Best Mattress to Stay Healthy

    If you are a side sleeper then you must be waking up the next morning having muscle pains. You may be wondering what the actual cause of having such pains is. The obvious answer to such pains and having a discomforted night sleep is not selecting the best mattress that you need to sleep on. You may be having confusion as to how to select such a mattress. As you read through you will understand how to buy such.

    Selecting The Best Mattress To Sleep On

    If you search the net then you will be able to find many such mattresses that you can buy. But you cannot be sure as to whether they should be the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers. As you are a side sleeper you must keep these considerations in mind and buy the mattress so that you can have a proper sleep without any pain or discomfort.

    There are various considerations that need to be kept in mind. Like you must consider whether the mattress that you intend to buy has the ability to provide proper pressure at required pressure points, whether it has the capability to preserve the natural alignment and whether your natural body curves can be accommodated by the mattress that you buy. Let us see those in details.

    • Select The Best Type: If you wish to select the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers then you must choose one which is made of latex memory foam. When you sleep on your side then there are certain pressure points which get much pressure and your body weight is more on your hips and shoulders. So, you must select the mattress that is soft and which is such that it has the capability to relieve pressure points. So, you must select a mattress which at the same time offers support and relaxation to pressure points.

    Why Select the Latex Mattress

    You may be thinking why it is best to select the mattress that is made of latex. Yes, there are obvious reasons. The main reason for such selection is that it is the one ideal for providing the best support to your body structure when you sleep. The Best Memory Foam Mattress will allow proper distribution of body weight and provide adequate support to your body parts that come in contact with it. The hips and shoulders are provided proper rest and they are not pushed up by springs that may be inside the mattress. So, it is best to select the mattress which offers best of support and have a foam density of at least 4 inches.

    The Mattress That You Should Avoid

    There are certain aspects that you must avoid while selecting the best mattress that you can sleep on.

    Other Considerations Which Will Help To Buy the Best Mattress

    There are certain considerations which need to be considered while you wish to have the Best Memory Foam Mattress.

    Foam density: Have a look at the foam density that the mattress has. There is a misconception that the foam density is what determines the feel of the foam. The foam density is that which determines the durability of the mattress. It is always better to buy a mattress that has 5lb+ density. Do not get laid off by the advertisements that say that it offers such a density have a look for yourself if it offers so.

    mmHg has to be known: mmHg is what actually determines how comfortable the mattress is. It is a measurement which determines how the mattress reacts to the pressure that is put on the mattress. If you have a look at the health bulletins then it is for sure that you must have a mattress which offers 32 mmHg or lower. Having a lower mmHg in mattress ensures that you have proper blood circulation when you sleep. So, the best mmHg is considered to be 12.43.

    Indentation Load Deflection: You will see that most of the mattress that you will be able to have from the market has an ILD of 10 to 16. The best of such mattresses use multiple layers each having varying mmHg, which on the other hand enhances the comfort of the mattress as those various layers work in unison.

    Place of origin: This has also to be determined if you wish to have the best of the mattress if you are a side sleeper. It is generally seen that the components of the mattress are imported and the mattress assembled in a different place. The components are not tested properly to offer you the best of service. You must select such a manufacturer which has the ability to produce all the components and assembling them at their own factory. This will ensure that you can actually expect to have that level of comfort as advertised.

    Why Have Natural Foam And Not Regular Foam

    Now foams are of two types natural and regular. It is always better to select the natural foam due to the reasons stated below.

    • Natural foam does not trap body heat and does not have chemical odors which regular foam has. So, as you are health conscious you must select the natural foam instead of regular foam.

    The Conclusion Regarding Mattress Selection

    So, if we summarize the considerations required for buying the best mattress for side sleepers then they are as follows.

    • The density of the foam must be 6.25 lbs so that you can have a comfortable sleep.  
    • For the mattress to be the most comfortable the mmHg must be 12.43.
    • The mattress must be made from natural foam and not from regular foam.
    • The mattress that you buy must be tested according to health standards.

    If you buy the mattress keeping these considerations in mind then it is for sure that you will have the best of mattress that will offer you best of sleep even though you are a side sleeper.

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