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Are You Confused With The Variety Of Masks? Let Us Guide You

    Maks is the new trendy accessory designed to protect your life and the loved ones near you. But with so many varieties of masks, it becomes hard to choose the right one. People get confused because there are different benefits of every mask available in the market. Some give you 99% protection from viruses, and some are good to protect your lungs from dust and pollution. 

    A question arises here: which one fulfills the current requirement, and what benefit does it have? We will discuss the answer to this question and help you choose the perfect one for yourself.

    N95 Type Masks

    This type of mask is said to be the most effective one with a higher capability to protect you from any errant particles. As per many studies, the N95 respirators are currently at the top of the list when it comes to filtration of small and big particles. They come in various sizes, and when appropriately fitted to the face, they can trap 95% of particles. You should wear a mask for protect against COVID-19.

    People say that N95 masks cannot filter the tiny Covid particles, but that’s not the case here. When viruses exit the lungs, they tend to come out with a larger droplet, even bigger than 0.3 microns. And the tiny particles that are trying to enter the lungs don’t travel in a straight line. Still, N95 manages to protect and capture those particles with its electrostatic filter. So if you get N95 masks quickly, then store them as they tend to be more effective. 

    Cotton and Silk Masks 

    You will find these types of masks everywhere. Undoubtedly they are fashionable and comfortable. The varieties of these masks are enormous, and people do get confused about which one to choose. But make sure when you are selecting a cotton or silk mask to check the layers of the mask. As per experts, the four layers masks are suitable to protect you from dust antivirus. As you get varieties of adult silk mask, it becomes essential to follow some basic rules in the process of selection. Ensure that it is reusable and has two layers of preshrunk 100% silk, and check the material of the other two layers that must be of polypropylene. This way checking the mask quality and layers can help you to get the appropriate one. 

    When you are done with the selection, now comes the question: how to wear them? Right? It is recommended that a double mask is a new protocol that we all need to follow, so wear an N95 mask first, and then for double protection, layer it with a cotton or silk mask. This way, these masks will help you in safeguarding your lungs from dust and virus. Silk masks with four layers are very much beneficial, and if paired with N95, then the protection level goes higher. 

    Surgical Grade Masks 

    These masks are specially designed for surgeons and other health care professionals. They are disposable masks that help block splashes, sprays, large-particle droplets, or splatters that may have germs. As stressed by the FDA, they are not good at blocking the tiny pieces available in the air that may get transmitted with sneezing or coughing. 

    They are not at all suitable for performing the function of respirators. They have a small bendable wire that helps the mask to stay in one place. Another essential thing to remember when using surgical grade masks is that they are for one-time use. So make sure you do not use the mask daily. Secondly, if you find difficulty breathing while wearing it, then it is time to replace it immediately. 

    Europe’s FFP2

    With the spread of a new variant of coronavirus, many European countries have made it mandatory to wear FFP1 and FFP2 masks. This stands for filtering facepiece respirator. 

    Note: Here, “P” means that the mask is very much resistant to oil and can be used to safeguard against non-oily and oily aerosols. It has been evaluated that against airborne infectious diseases, the FFP1 filter has 80% efficiency, FFP2 has 94%, and FFP3 has 99%. 

    Recently the German state has made it a mandate to wear FFP2 masks when shopping or traveling on public transport. The effectiveness of these masks is beyond comparison, so make sure if you get this one, then grab it right away. 

    Face Shields

    Some items were created to protect us against the virus, but somehow, they are not good enough to fulfill the current need individually. We are talking about face shields and other related products. They are good to protect your eyes from droplets and other sprays but wearing them without a mask will not solve the purpose. Thus, when you travel by air or by bus, it is recommended to wear a mask with a face shield because it has the capability to secure you from droplets that are directly hitting your face. But to get that complete protection, make sure you are wearing a face shield, and then pair it up with a mask to create a protective layer. 

    K95 and similar filtering facepiece respirators 

    They capture 95% of particles, but the difference between N95 and them is that N95 respirators are 8 fold thicker than K95. It is not certified by the US National Institute and created with Chinese standards because they are not as effective as FFP2 or N95 respirators. 

    Final Words

    We have created this list keeping in mind the effectiveness of the masks available in the market. There are some gears that were built to offer protection against the coronavirus but somehow failed. Thus, this gives us the understanding that every mask and every item can’t provide you complete protection. So make sure you choose from N95, four-layer silk masks, and FFP2 if planning to get a new one for yourself and your family. We hope this article has resolved your confusion regarding the masks and their effectiveness. Consider them and try to protect every person who is near you and come in contact with you by wearing the correct mask.