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Are You Considering Wisdom Teeth Extractions? Here’s How You Can Benefit.

    At some point in your adulthood, you will have to grapple with wisdom teeth discomfort. If you are already in this phase, we want to help you. Modern dentistry techniques are rooted in trying to salvage much of the teeth in your mouth; however, sometimes, you just need Mesa wisdom teeth extractions to get rid of your dental woes.

    Your dental comfort and functionality are the chief concerns for any dental procedure. At Arizona Dental Heights, Dr. Alok Ahlawat and his team offered patient-centered care for effective teeth extraction and recovery. It is important you follow the tips we have compiled for you exactly as we present them.

    Early teeth evaluation

    Research shows that early evaluation and treatment is the cornerstone of superior dental procedures outcomes. As soon as you notice small teeth protrusions at the back of your mouth, schedule a dentist’s appointment. During the visit, the dentist will map out an extraction course up to full recovery.

    Some wisdom teeth do not necessarily cause excruciating pain but it is good practice to have them removed. Wisdom teeth can harbor diseases such as periodontal disease.

    Often, teeth extractions are an in-office procedure; however, when the extent of damage surpasses simple clinical teeth extractions, you may be scheduled for oral surgery. During a dental exam, you also get pre-procedure guidelines to help you successfully navigate wisdom teeth extractions.

    Adequately plan for a tooth extraction

    Your pre-extraction routine largely influences the experience you will have during the procedure. Avoid drinking too much water and eating food 6 hours before the procedure. Anesthesia sometimes causes regurgitation of the stomach contents and nausea.

    Most patients prefer not to experience the wisdom teeth extraction process and choose sedation. During the consultation phase, your dentist will delineate the anesthetic options, and you can decide which one is comfortable for you.

    Planning for your wisdom teeth extraction does not require special preparation. The simple guidelines above, alongside your dentist guidelines, should make the extraction easier.

    How to speed up the healing

    Everyone responds uniquely to wisdom teeth extractions. Discomfort and bleeding are normal after a wisdom tooth extraction. The dentist places a gauze to hasten blood clotting. Some innovative medical centers use PRP technology to induce clotting and prevent too much blood loss. Your dentist will administer common analgesics such as Ibuprofen to relieve discomfort.

    If you want to speed up recuperation, do the following:

    ·         Avoid brushing your teeth for the next 24 hours

    ·         Avoid eating foods that necessitate compact chewing

    ·         Avoid hot beverages

    ·         Rinse your mouth with a mild antiseptic mouthwash

    ·         Drink plenty of water

    Recovery depends on the intrinsic healing abilities of your body. However, the above tips help you return to normalcy within a shorter period than the conventional two-week recovery period.

    Benefits of wisdom teeth extractions

    Besides stopping tooth shifting and reducing headaches, wisdom teeth extractions reduce your chances of future dental infections. A pristine preparation procedure and a subsequent follow-up ensure you benefit from the tooth extraction.


    If you are considering wisdom teeth extractions, then Arizona Dental Heights is the go-to solution. Innovative technologies, including CBT, guarantee you superior outcomes. Arizona Dental Heights is your dental partner for any dental procedure you may need.