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Are You Fond Of Eating Okra? Reap The Striking Health Benefits Of It


    Okra is one of the most popular vegetables, which belongs to the family of cotton and hibiscus. Okra is named after the seedpods which are edible and tasty.

    The various Okra health benefits make it a popular vegetable.  

    Okra is commonly known as “Lady Finger.” 

    Okra nutrition shows that it is a rich source of Potassium, Folic acid, Calcium, Vitamin C, and B. Being low in Calories including okra in the daily diet plan is a healthy option indeed! 

    Okra is known to be beneficial in managing the blood sugar levels in people suffering from Gestational Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. 

    Okra Benefits:

    The innumerable okra benefits can be enlisted as follows:

    • Curbs hunger.
    • Maintains the energy levels.
    • Lowers the blood pressure. 
    • Strengthens the immune system of the body.
    • Prevents the Cholesterol levels from going high.
    • Maintains the blood sugar levels.
    • Fights against Alzheimer’s disease.
    • Prevents liver problems. 
    • Averts breast cancer.
    • Reduces stress and anxiety. 
    • Promotes the formation of strong bones. 
    • Improves the eyesight. 
    • Promotes healthy digestion of food. 
    • Boosts the skin health. 
    • Improves the cardiovascular health.
    • Promotes healthy heart life. 

    Nutritional Profile Of Okra:

    You must include okra in the daily diet and reap the best okra health benefits. The vital nutrients found in 1 cup of diced okra can be enlisted in the following table:

    Energy 33 calories 
    Fiber 3.2 gm 
    Proteins 1.9 gm 
    Carbohydrates 7.5 gm 
    Fat 0.2 gm 
    Magnesium 57 mg 
    Calcium 82 mg 
    Sodium 7 mg 
    Potassium 299 mg 
    Folic acid 70 µg 
    Vitamin C23 mg 
    Vitamin K 31.3 mg 
    Vitamin A 717 IU
    Thiamin 0.2 mg 

    Okra-A Rich Source Of Dietary Fiber:

    If you wonder what is okra good for, then you must look at its nutritional profile. Okra is one of the best sources of dietary fiber.  The presence of bulk fiber will promote healthy digestion, cut down the hunger cravings, keep you satisfied for longer durations of time, and prevent constipation. 

    The presence of fiber is also found to be very beneficial for Diabetes control. Thus, okra Diabetes go hand in hand. It promotes better Glycemic control and improves the sensitivity to Insulin.    

    Okra For The Anti-Stress Effects:

    Okra seeds are found to have remarkable antioxidant properties. It promotes a healthy reduction in the levels of stress. Thus, stress management is one of the best okra health benefits. 

    Stress plays a major role in controlling Diabetes. Stress can lead to spikes in the sugar levels of the blood. Therefore, proper mental health will go a long way in the treating and dealing with Diabetes. 

    Can Okra Lower The Cholesterol Levels?

    Okra benefits Diabetes by controlling the Cholesterol levels in the blood. The foods which are high in fiber content and good sources of antioxidants are recommended to people suffering from Diabetes.

    A healthy diet will go a long way in maintaining all the parameters of the body. High cholesterol levels can lead to various problems such as clogged arteries, Cardiac issues, Diabetes, etc.

    Ground okra powder is one of the best remedies to adsorb Cholesterol. Okra is found to have natural abilities to inhibit the production of fat in the body. Thus, maintaining healthy Cholesterol levels is one of the best okra health benefits.  

    Okra For Anti-Fatigue:

    One of the best uses of okra is the ability to boost the energy levels. The regular consumption of okra is found to improve the fatigue levels.  

    The daily diet plan with some portions of okra will help in quick recovery after an exercise routine. Thus, active lifestyle is one of the best okra health benefits.    

    Want To Curb Hunger? Then Have Okra:

    The okra nutrition shows that it is a rich source of soluble fibers. Any food which is rich in fiber will help in keeping you satisfied for longer durations of time. 

    Okra can facilitate in losing weight by curbing the hunger and keeping you full for longer. Once you stop overeating, weight loss will slowly occur. However, you must also exercise well and follow the fitness regime to lose weight. 

    Strengthen Your Bones By Okra Intake:

     Okra benefits in strengthening the bones and muscles due to the presence of Vitamin K. people who consume okra regularly are found to have a lesser risk of fractures, bleeding disorders, and Osteoporosis. 

    Vitamin K promotes healthy clotting of the blood. Thus, people who consume okra frequently will have a lesser risk of developing blood disorders. 


    Other Health Benefits Of Okra:

    Being a rich source of Vitamin A, the best okra health benefits is the strengthening of the immune system of the body. 

    Vitamin A plays a major role in the production of the white blood cells. The white blood cells are the main building blocks of the immune system. They will help in fighting infections and promote healthy well being.

    Vitamin A is a crucial vitamin for maintaining the eyesight and eye health. Regular consumption of okra will promote healthy eyesight and reduce vision defects.

    If you wonder is okra healthy, it reduces gastritis and promotes healthy digestion. Okra provides ample protection to the body from various types of cancers, liver diseases, etc. The presence of the free radicals in the body leads to various health issues which are reduced by the frequent intake of Okra.  

    One of the best okra health benefits is the reduction of respiratory disorders. It is a blessing for patients suffering from Asthma owing to the presence of Vitamin C and A.

    One of the best uses of okra is for the expectant mothers. Okra is an excellent source of Folic acid which plays a major role in reducing neural tube defects in the developing fetus. Apart from its intake during pregnancy, Gynecologists suggest the intake of Okra during the preconception stage. The presence of Folic acid will improve the chances of conception. 

    Skin Benefits Of Okra:

    Though there are innumerable okra health benefits, the skin benefits of okra are the most popular ones! 

    • Being a rich source of dietary fibers, okra prevents digestive disorders and promotes healthy skin. 

    • The presence of Vitamin C will help in making the skin look younger by the regular repair of the skin tissues. 
    • Okra intake helps in making the skin youthful and vibrant.
    • The healthy nutrients present in okra will prevent skin pigmentation problems.
    • Alternatively, you can use powdered okra seeds on the skin to treat pigmentation problems. 
    • You can rejuvenate the skin by the regular intake of ladfy’s finger. 

    Hair Benefits Of Okra:

    The various hair benefits of okra can be enlisted as follows:


    • Okra helps in bringing back the bounce to the hair due to its rich nutritional profile.
    • You can boil some okra in water to obtain the slime and mucilage. The application of the slime on the scalp and hair as a shampoo will help in making the hair bounce.
    • The slime of okra acts as an excellent conditioner for hair.
    • If you wonder what is okra good for, it acts as an excellent moisturizer for a dry and itchy scalp.
    • Rather than using synthetic products which are harmful, you can use okra to make the hair soft, shiny, and strong.
    • Since okra improves the overall condition of the scalp, it acts as an excellent home remedy for dandruff.
    • Okra gives the hair a healthy sheen in the most natural way.

    Uses Of Okra:

    Okra is commonly known as the ladyfinger vegetable, which is due to the shape like that of a female finger.


    Okra finds extensive use in various dishes and cuisines. The popularity of okra has increased in the recent years owing to the remarkable okra health benefits. 


    The pod of the vegetable can be used in pickles, soups, side dishes, curries, etc.


    Okra And Diabetes:

    Okra and Diabetes management is gaining popularity in the recent years. Okra water is found to improve the levels of blood sugar. Apart from okra water, the roasted seeds are also effective in treating Diabetes. 


    Selection Of The Okra Pods:

    It is best to choose the smaller pods of the vegetable which are tender. The taste of the smaller pods will be better than the tougher ones. The brightly green colored pods of the ladyfinger vegetable are widely used in most dishes for the delicious taste. 


    You must always choose the unblemished okra pods as they won’t be rotten from inside. The tender pods of lady’s finger must be firm and not soft, else they will be rotten. 


    Best Ways To Store Okra:

    There are innumerable Okra medicinal benefits, but you should also understand how to store it to keep the freshness intact.

    • The Okra must be stored while it is unwashed.
    • Wrap the ladyfinger in a paper bag or a newspaper. 
    • Perforated plastic is another great way to store the okra.
    • Okra can be refrigerated for at least 3days in a warmer place. 
    • Okra will get rotten on keeping it in a very cold place. 
    • Blanched okra will stay longer on keeping it frozen. 

    Tips To Use Okra:

    • Thoroughly wash the vegetable with water before cooking.
    • Pat-dry the okra with a dry towel before cooking. 
    • Storage of the ladyfingers is advisable in zip lock packets or newspaper.
    • It is best to cut the okra the previous night and cook it the next day. It will prevent the vegetable from getting slimy.
    • If you allow the frozen okra to thaw, it will become slimy.
    • You must fry the vegetable lightly before adding other vegetables and spices to it.
    • Soaking the diced vegetable in lemon or vinegar prior to cooking will reduce the slime.


    Try Okra Water:

    Okra water is found to have striking benefits on the regular intake. The drink can be made by soaking the okra pods in water overnight. The drink must be consumed the next morning to reap the innumerable okra health benefits. 

    Okra Diabetes health benefits have come to light in the recent years. Drinking the okra water is found to lessen the symptoms of Diabetes and promote healthy well being. 

    Okra Medicinal Benefits-Powdered Seeds And Peels:

    There are innumerable okra medicinal benefits, the okra pods, the peels, as well as the seeds, are very healthy. 

    The okra peels can be easily prepared at home using a peeler or shredder. The direct consumption of a spoonful of the peels is found to be very beneficial. 

    The powdered seeds of okra can be ingested for the striking health benefits. 

    The Take Home Message:

    The striking relationship between okra and Diabetes is gaining popularity with the masses these days. 

    Okra must not be considered to be a replacement of Insulin in Diabetic patients. However, you can try okra water or the powdered okra seeds as a home remedy for managing Diabetes. Hence, you must include okra in the daily diet plan and check out the results for yourself. 

     The other okra health benefits include the capability to fight off dandruff and promote healthy scalp and hair. Okra for promoting healthy digestion, protection against liver disorders and cancer cells from growing, aiding in weight loss, etc. are the striking benefits by the frequent intake of Okra.