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Are You Located in Katy and Having Knee Problems?

    The human skeletal system is made up of 206 bones. Each and every bone and joint work together to make locomotion easy and efficient. But more often than not, our bodies fail, as is human nature. This might be as a result of injury or natural wear and tear. The knee is an essential part of the body and is responsible for supporting the weight of the human body, and as a result, it is prone to injuries and being worn out. Not to worry though, the best possible solution is available: revision knee replacement in Katy.

    Brief anatomy of the knee joint

    The knee is a very vulnerable joint in the human body and is primarily affected by repeated stress from typical day-to-day activities such as walking, running, and jogging.

    It is made up of 3 crucial parts, namely:

    ·       Tibia.

    This is the larger bone that forms part of the lower leg in the human body.

    ·       Femur.

    This is the upper leg bone of the human body.

    ·       Patella.

    This is typically just the kneecap.

    In simple terms, the knee is just a joint made up of two leg bones and covered by cartilage to protect the two bones from stress due to touching each other.

     Leading causes of knee problems

    The most common causes of knee problems include the following:

    ·       Old age.

     The biggest cause of knee problems is getting old if no injuries are involved in between the active years of a person.

    ·       Injury.

    The most fatal cause of knee pain or deterioration is injury related to work activities or everyday fun and games.

    ·       Repeated stress on the knee.

    This is majorly caused by normal regular movement, weight lifting, and the type of work undertaken by an individual. 

    Common knee problems

    ·       Arthritis.

    This is a degenerative condition. Generally caused by old age. The cartilage in the joint gradually wears away.

    ·       Tendonitis.

    The tendons become inflamed as a result of overuse. Occurs typically in people engaging in sporting activities.

    ·       Torn cartilage.

    It may be as a result of straining. The menisci are torn apart.

    ·       Strained knee.

    It is regularly caused by a sudden twist in the knee or a blow to the knee. 


    Since knee problems come with a lot of pain, they can easily be felt, and treatment can start as soon as possible.  Some of the ways knee problems are diagnosed include:

    X-ray, computed tomography scan (CT scan), MRI, and radionuclide bone scan.

    Treatment for knee problems

    At the Integrity Orthopedic Center, you will be presented with multiple options to help start you off on the road to recovery and healing. In severe cases where the first treatment might not offer relief and upon further inspection the doctors might discover severe effects to the knee joint, replacement surgery will be placed on the table. But not to worry because doctors at our clinic are well equipped with the skills to perform such delicate surgeries. Call us today on 832-224-5195 to book an appointment, and let us start you on a journey to self-recovery sooner than you thought.