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Are Your Teeth Misaligned? Here Are 8 Probable Causes

    Misaligned teeth can make a person feel self-conscious about their smile. Unfortunately, misalignment issues are more than a cosmetic concern. With misaligned teeth, the bite is not normal, which can interfere with eating and can cause uneven wear to the teeth. It is important individuals are aware of the common causes of misalignment, so they will know how to get help from an orthodontist.

    8 Causes of Tooth Alignment Issues

    Misalignment issues can have varying causes. When a person’s teeth are out of alignment, this can affect the health and appearance of their smile. Many patients have found help for their alignment issues with Idaho Falls Spark Aligners. The following offers information on the common causes of alignment issues.

    1. Many people are surprised to learn crooked teeth can be caused by genetics. If a person’s parents have alignment issues, they are more likely to suffer the same. Crowding, overbites, and underbites are all sometimes caused by genetics.

    2. Poor oral hygiene can also be a cause of tooth alignment issues. If a person develops gum disease, their teeth can begin to shift, which can lead to an unhealthy and unattractive smile.

    3. When children lose their baby teeth at too early an age, they are more likely to develop alignment issues because the surrounding teeth can shift into the wrong areas.

    4. Some children get into a habit of sucking their thumbs. Thumb sucking can lead to misalignment issues with the way the jaws meet.

    5. Tongue thrusting is a bad habit that is done during swallowing. If a person pushes on their teeth with their tongue, instead of the roof of the mouth, this can have an effect on tooth alignment.

    6. Poor nutrition can also lead to misalignment. The right nutrition is essential for keeping the teeth, muscles, and bones strong and healthy. When these are not healthy, shifts can occur in the teeth.

    7. While surprising, it is possible for children to develop tooth alignment issues due to mouth breathing. Mouth breathing can cause pressure on the teeth and will sometimes cause them to shift.

    8. Injuries from sports and other activities can also lead to alignment issues. It is important individuals protect their teeth when they are playing sports.

    Alignment Issues Can Be Treated with Orthodontics

    Most people are highly concerned about the appearance of their smiles. Crooked teeth can cause a person to feel embarrassed about their smile. Thankfully, there are treatment options that can take care of misalignment. Braces and aligners are both options, depending on a person’s age and the severity of their alignment issues.

    Consult With an Orthodontist

    When a person realizes their teeth have become misaligned, it is important they act quickly. People of all ages can receive orthodontic care. Today’s advances in dental science have allowed for much better options for realigning the teeth.


    Although it can be embarrassing to have misaligned teeth, there are now more options available for treatment than ever before. It is important individuals schedule a consultation with the orthodontist as soon as possible. At this appointment, an examination and X-rays will help to reveal the root cause of the alignment issues, so they can be corrected.

    With aligners and braces options, the teeth will be slowly moved into their correct positions. It takes time for orthodontic care to work, but it is worth the wait. The results are a beautiful smile with straight teeth.