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Attractive Website that Would Beat the Competitors

    Due to the pandemic, many companies have started declaring bankruptcy. smaller businesses are shutting down. People are getting laid off of their jobs. The economy is going down. Many problems here and there not only in the business area, but also in everyday life as well. Unfortunately, many of us weren’t prepared for how this pandemic was going to affect us. With everything being accessed online by anyone, the best thing to do for these small businesses, companies, etc. is to adapt to taking their business online as well. Like any business, there will be competitors. Whether your business may be online or not, it will always be a competition of who is better. When you take that competition online, it can be hard. 

    People’s attention spans can be quite short. One unattractive website can lead to an immediate exit tab. These days, whatever people need, they just search for it. It’s the same whether they are looking for products for services. It really is easy to switch from one site to the next when a website doesn’t seem interesting. That’s why a lot of professionals are starting to hire people to make their websites look efficient, and pleasing to the eyes as well. But how do we know what makes a website clickable for users? There’s only one thing to do here, and that is to create a website that checks all the boxes from this list: 


    Make sure that you use high quality pictures and videos. If there are any animations or illustrations make sure that it is well made. If the visual assets of your website are professional looking, it can greatly affect the overall look of your site when put together.


    Aside from the appearance of the website, it is incredibly important that it is easy to use. Make sure that it is simple in a way where anyone can browse through it. Making the functions, navigation, and actions needed for the site intuitive is helpful. It should also be accessible through different devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.


    Make sure that everything a client has to know about you is on the website. Here are a couple things that you should have on your website: contact information like map, mobile numbers, and email addresses, history, what your business is about, services and products that you offer.


    Now that you have interested and potential new clients or returning and existing clients on your page, you want them to act on their interest. If you are a professional in the medical field who is looking for patients, have a “book an appointment” or “call for consultation” feature. If your purpose is to build a site where you sell your products then you want a feature that allows your customers to buy your products. Do this by putting “shop now.


    Allow your patients, clients or customers to send in inquiry through a form. Put a form where they can schedule consultations or appointments on their own. Some people are more comfortable doing this instead of talking on the phone and they should have this option.

    So how do you create a good website that represents all the qualities from above? The answer is simple. Hiring a digital marketing company that specializes in online presence and website development. There are many companies that offer these services but the best one that we’ve found is iMatrix. 

    What Is iMatrix?

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    iMatrix is a digital marketing strategy company that helps healthcare practices find their ideal patients and increase their revenue. They optimize and accelerate every stage of a patient’s journey to maximise and sustain practice growth. They attract more leads which helps with a healthcare provider’s online visibility, Engage with online users to stay top of mind with the right content and tools, convert website visitors into actual patients, retain and sustain growth which keeps their patients coming back. They are known to help a client climb to the top of Google search results so that they can attract higher revenue patients using an effective SEO strategy and sponsored listings.They also help build a client’s brand by using engagement tools such as telemedicine, e-commerce, and social media to reach more patients. Lastly, they help build a strong foundation for a client’s online presence using a professional, optimized website and built in marketing tools to convert prospective patients into appointments.