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Autoimmune Protocol Diet for People with HS

    When you have Hidradenitis suppurativa it is easy to become isolated. The pain, the physical lack of mobility, shame, embarrassment and anxiety. These are all things people with HS live with to varying degrees. As well as living with the physical symptoms there are difficulties with having a social life, feeling confident in a relationship, and depression is an issue. There is no cure for HS, there are only steps HS warriors have to take to manage everything. Steps like a Hidradenitis suppurativa diet, wound care, carefully chosen skin products, seeing a therapist, and having a support group around you. Life might not be easy sometimes, but it is possible to find a better way, a better balance. There are several things you can try with your diet. Some people with HS have some good results with the Autoimmune Protocol Diet. Check out Leptigen reviews.

    AIP – Autoimmune Protocol Diet

    The AIP is a diet that is geared towards people who have to live with autoimmune conditions. While the cause of HS is not fully known, there are links to a dysfunction of the immune system. It is also true that there are some foods that doctors recommend to limit in a healthy Hidradenitis suppurativa diet, and the AIP is very similar to that. A lot of people with HS also have other problems including IBD, and the AIP diet can help with that too. This is not a miracle cure, and not everyone will see huge benefits from adopting it, but eating nutrient-dense foods while doing what you can to prevent inflammation and finding possible trigger foods is a good step to take. 

    A new way to approach things

    Trying the AIP diet is a good way to change what you eat to something healthier but it can also become a way of life. It is about putting yourself first sometimes, it is not just about the food you eat it is also about getting the rest you need, ways to de-stress, staying hydrated, moving around. When you are more aware of what foods can help heal your body and what is not so good, you can make better choices. That does not mean a Hidradenitis suppurativa diet will leave you free of all symptoms. It is a way to reduce flare-ups or lessen their impact on some people with HS though. 

    A success story after 4 weeks

    Not everyone will see the same kind of success. But in one example of someone with HS trying and having success with the AIP diet, they moved from daily pain, difficulty playing with their son, feeling depressed and ugly, struggling to move, to work, to live. They lived with stage 2 to stage 3 symptoms. After adopting the AIP diet, after 4 weeks while the lesions were still there, two had become less painful, and while there was still leakage, it was less. Some of the sensitivity was less and the inflammation was reduced too. Just as important the mental health and feeling of well-being have improved.