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Awesome Smoothie Containers

    Smoothies are still one of the favourite ways to achieve your five a day in an easy, convenient and tasty way, but what if you are out and about and need to take a freshly made smoothie with you for lunch – what is the best way to transport a smoothie easily?

    We have been looking into the best, most awesome smoothie containers on the market – after all, you don’t just want something to carry it in – you want to be able to drink it on the go as well so it needs to be more than just a flask. Check out our container choices:


    • Spouted bottle with ball


    A popular choice is to make up your smoothie using a spouted bottle, which contains a wire ball – particularly if you are using a protein powder to create the smoothie. You can either, make it in the bottle directly and store in the fridge until good to go, or pour it in from the blender.

    These bottles are great for thick smoothies which might settle in the fridge as the wire ball will stir them up if you give the bottle a shake before drinking.


    • Blender travel mug


    Many smoothie blenders now come with their own travel mugs so you make the smoothie directly into a lidded mug and then take it with you straight away. This gives you smoothies without any fuss or mess and the mugs are normally a pretty good size. You can also get insulated versions if you need one and they are generally pretty leak proof as they have been designed for travelling.


    • Sports Bottle


    Sports bottles can be great to drink smoothies from as they don’t leak, are easily portable and have large enough drinking spouts. Some even come with ice compartments to keep your drinks cool so these can make the perfect smoothie container. The only downside is they do tend to be a little on the small side but otherwise a great way to transport your smoothie for day-to-day life.


    • Mason/glass jars


    If you prefer to keep your drinks in non-plastic containers and are looking to store, rather than travel with them, then try using a mason or other glass jar for your smoothies. These are ideal if you are planning to keep them in the fridge for a day or so before consuming. They are not easy to drink out of and face the potential for smashing if you were to transport, so not a great container to travel with, but ideal for storage.


    • Bottles with flip up spouts


    These are not sports bottles but bottles designed for grown-ups when travelling and come in a variety of sizes. These plastic bottles are a bit like bigger versions of the cups toddlers use to drink out of and have a flip lid to keep the bottle closed and secure when not drinking from it.


    • Insulated tumblers


    If you are on the move with a cold smoothie then an insulated tumbler is an ideal container – it comes with built in insulation to keep the drink cold and a moulded straw to make it easy to drink your drink on the go and with style.


    • Blending bottle


    If you make your smoothie with a powder, and make it on the go, then try a blending bottle where you can fill the bottle with water or milk, and then store your protein or shake powder in the dry compartment, and carry it securely with you. Once ready you can simply mix the two together, shake and drink straight from the bottle. Ideal for a quick smoothie after a workout at the gym, or for lunch at work, if you don’t want to carry jars of powder around.  

     Smoothies are here to stay and whether you go for the green thick healthy versions, or sweeter fruitier smoothies made with bananas and ice cream, nowadays it couldn’t be easier to make them and drink them on the go.

    Gone are the hours dedicated to peeling a tonne of fruit to gain half a glass. Today’s blenders and smoothie machines are all geared up to making smoothies quickly and easily, and as most come with ready to use travel mugs and storage containers, there is no excuse no to get your daily hit of five-a-day.

    From travel mugs to mason jars, blending bottles to sports bottles, there is a smoothie container out there which will help to hold your drink safely and securely, while making it easy to consume when you are ready, whatever your lifestyle might be.