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Back Pain in Oklahoma City a Breeze with Dr. Favorite – Oklahoma City Chiropractors

    Does your back hurt terribly? This form of pain can be debilitating and uncomfortable, forcing individuals to take time off work and spend their time resting. 

    Nevertheless, aches in this body area are usually not resolved by resting but by finding the right treatment, such as scheduling a chiropractic appointment. Chiropractors strive to eradicate back pain in a holistic manner, not with medications. They practice alignments, massage techniques, and physical therapy as part of the treatment. Naturally, it takes more than one visit for the ache to disappear. 

    Here is everything you need to know about the causes and symptoms of such an ache and the role of Oklahoma City chiropractors in its alleviation.

    Causes and symptoms

    The back represents a complex structure of ligaments, muscles, discs, bones, and tendons, whose role is to provide body support and enable movement. The spine is divided into multiple segments, cushioned with pads named discs. Whenever people experience a problem with one of these segments, back pain is likely to develop. 

    Moreover, this form of discomfort is usually induced by tension, strain, or injury. The most frequent causes include muscle tension, damaged discs, fractures, falls, strained ligaments and muscles, muscle spasms, etc. Such strains are often triggered when individuals lift a heavy object or apply the wrong lifting technique.

    Plenty of structural problems lead to back pain, such as bulging discs, ruptured discs, sciatica, osteoporosis, arthritis, kidney problems, abnormal spine curvature, etc. As previously mentioned, spine vertebrae have discs as cushions. If one of these gets ruptured, nerve pressure increases and triggers back pain. Visit this URL to get knowledgeable about lumbar herniated discs. Nerve pressure also results from having a bulging disc. 

    Individuals experiencing sharp pain in the buttocks and the back of their legs probably suffer from sciatica, triggered by a herniated disc. In contrast, osteoarthritis is known for causing joint issues in the lower back and hips, which gradually narrow down the space surrounding the spinal cord. 

    Osteoporosis, on the other hand, makes the bones porous and increases the likelihood of compression fractures. Also, this excruciating pain might be caused when the spine curves in an improper way. This happens in people suffering from scoliosis, which forces the spine to curve to the side. Even kidney infections and stones are likely to cause such discomfort. 

    Furthermore, poor posture and certain movements might result in back pain, especially common in individuals spending plenty of time in front of computers. Some of the activities capable of triggering discomfort in this body part are sneezing, coughing, twisting, over-stretching, lifting, pushing, pulling, sitting or standing for a longer period, driving long hours without a break, etc. 

    There are certain medical conditions to blame for such a discomfort, like spine infection and cancer, sleep disorders, cauda equina syndrome, and other infections. For example, a spine tumor starts pressing a nerve after some time and triggers overwhelming pain. The same goes for a spine infection, which also induces fever and warmth in the back area. Check out this website,, for an insight into the symptoms, causes, treatment, and prognosis of cauda equina syndrome. 

    The cauda equina syndrome originates from the lower part of the spinal cord, hence stimulating pain in the lower back and buttocks, along with numbness in the thighs and genitalia. Conversely, shingles refer to a nerve infection that has the potential to induce ache in this body area. Sleep disorders and bladder infections increase the risk of experiencing this condition as well. 

    The symptoms of this issue involve pain anywhere in the back, which sometimes travels down the legs and reaches the area below the knees. Also, it might manifest with inflammation in this area, urinary incontinence, urinary difficulties, fever, weight loss, fecal incontinence, numbness in the buttocks and genitals, etc. 

    How can a chiropractor help?

    After taking a bunch of medications and experiencing no improvement, many individuals seek the assistance of a chiropractor for back pain relief. These practitioners can minimize or eliminate the ache through various methods, such as alignments and adjustments, chiropractic massage, and physical therapy. Chiropractors are experts in the alignment of the spinal cord and offer treatment for the nerves and soft tissue surrounding the spine. 

    The human spine starts running from the base of the back, through the neck, and ends at the skull. It’s completely surrounded by a network of numerous nerves. If you wonder how to fix back pain with a chiropractor in Oklahoma City, why not schedule an appointment to find out. When the spine isn’t aligned as it should be, people tend to experience nerve irritation that results in insufferable pain. 

    Fortunately, chiropractors take the role of spine trainers and try to stimulate the vertebrae to align on their own, thus reducing nerve pressure. Anyhow, the alignment process tends to last a couple of visits until back pain is eradicated. In case you haven’t been to such a practitioner before, it’s important not to feel scared by the cracking sound, produced by the gas relief from the joint. 

    Another method chiropractors use to alleviate back pain is the application of various massage techniques. Chiropractic massage helps achy muscles to relax and induces the healing process. The choice of a massage method depends on the situation of the patient. If the ache is localized, the practitioner will use direct pressure on the painful area. In case the ache spans all over your back, your chiropractor might opt for a deep-tissue massage. 

    Physical therapy is another approach practiced by chiropractors in the alleviation of such pain. These practitioners provide patients with physical therapy exercises to encourage muscle growth. You might be advised to practice different exercises to correct your posture and relaxation techniques when the ache is excruciating. Go here to check out six exercises that improve posture and reduce back pain. 

    Final word

    If you experience such an ache for a longer time, contact an experienced chiropractor at once!