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Back Support TENS Belt-what is it and where to buy for lower back pain?

    Do you hear of TENS therapy for units for relieving back pain? Do you know some back support belts support TENS technology? Yes, there are many back support tens belts to choose from the market, and using this type of lower back belt is a proven method of pain relief from arthritis or degenerative disc disease. 

    What is TENS Back Support Belt?

    TENS, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, is a back pain treatment that uses a low voltage electric current to relieve pain. TENS is typically done with a TENS belt/pad and a TENS unit, a small battery-operated device. The device can be hooked to a belt and is connected to two electrodes. The electrodes carry an electric current from the TENS machine to the skin.

    Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation was first introduced in the United States in the 1960’s and was quickly recognized as a simple, safe, and proven method for relieving acute and chronic pain. As a non-invasive modality, it is an alternative to pharmacological pain relief, easy to apply, and non-addictive. TENS is mainly based on the stimulation of nerve fibers in order to inhibit the transmission of pain and to trigger the release of the body’s own pain relief chemicals. Studies show a significant increase in the concentration of endogenous (body-produced) opioids in the cerebrospinal fluid following TENS treatment.

    TENS therapy is recommendable as a method ensuring full safety for the patient. The belt uses the TENS technology is Back Support TENS Belt.

    Features of TENS Back Support Belt

    •  Battery operated

    •  Portable

    •  Efficient

    •  Long-lasing

    •  Long battery life

    •  A number of massage therapies e.g. chopping massage, kneading, cupping, and trigger point therapy etc.

    •  Flexible size adjustment

    •  Durable material

    Benefits of Back Support TENS Belt

    1.Simulation coverage is larger
    These TENS unit back belt is an ideal alternative for those people who make use of gelled electrodes. This offers an additional benefit of preventing skin reactions. Because your belt is longer in contact with the areas that are paining, it can help reduce the pain. Additionally, this belt provides a greater simulation coverage hence helping better with the pain.

    2. Fast relaxation
    Everything aside, whenever we come back from an exercise session, all we want is rest and relaxation. That is exactly what you with TENS units back belt. This massage actually helps to reduce fatigue and immediately gives a sense of getting better and recovering.

    3.Multiple massage modes
    Massager belts come with many different modes of massage that can meet your requirements. Sometimes you may be in search of a soothing, calm massage while some other time you may want a faster massage. Massage belts have the solution to that. They come with multiple massage modes that can go perfectly with your mood and need.

    4.Relaxing the muscles
    Massage belts can work well on the upper and lower abdominal area muscles and give them much relief by simultaneously contracting and relaxing them. This contraction and relaxation gives the muscles a soothing sensation.

    5. Perfect fit
    These massage belts are designed to fit perfectly, your waist and the size is also flexible. With the perfect size, it can provide a comfortable massage that you’d want to have again and again.

    Where to buy back support belts with TENS and EMS therapy?

    Go to the exclusive back belt store One of its featured back support belts is the EMS + TENS Dual Pulse Back Support Belt. The intelligent micro-current dual pulse EMS + TENS Graphene heating back support massage belt relaxes your body and removes your pain within 30 minutes every day. This Smart Back Support Massage Belt Also Helps Lose Fat, Body Shape, And Muscle Strengthen!

    What is Graphene heating for this lower back pain belt?

    •  Graphene is the newest, strongest, and thinnest material. As a conductor of heat, it outperforms all other known materials.

    •  Graphene‘far infrared rays’ have a wavelength 6~19 microns, which compatible with the human body and can be easily absorbed.

    •  It offers a constant temperature never unbearably hot or just lukewarm. You will feel the heat almost the same time when you wear the belt.

    •  It helps to promote blood circulation, good for health. No electromagnetic radiation. Heating fast and safe, long working life!

    What are EMS and TENS for this back pain relief belt?

    EMS is Electrical Muscle Stimulation and TENS is transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Both can be used for muscle recovery, pain relief, or relaxation.

    •  The EMS stimulation provided by our belt can make continuous and gentle stimulation to waist muscles.

    •  The EMS stimulation provided by our belt can help with the regeneration and the relaxation of the abdominal muscles.

    •  TENS treats the area directly by working in harmony with your body to alleviate both acute and chronic pain.

    •  TENS also helps your body produce higher levels of its own natural painkillers, endorphins.