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Beginner tips to kettlebell training

    When it comes to a beginner full-body exercise a handful of weight can help a lot. We know exactly what you are thinking about and no, we are not talking about the traditional plates, barbells, and dumbbells you see in the gym. We are talking about kettlebells. Kettlebells are exactly like dumbbells but offer more than just dumbbells. Kettlebells offer a special feature to swing the kettlebell, which helps us perform many full-body exercises. Exercises like ‘kettlebell swing’ can alone keep the body fit and help build muscle. Now, this does not mean that barbells and dumbbells do not offer full body exercises. In fact, they have their own places, but kettlebells are a lot of beginner friendly. Why not we give you a few beginner tips for kettlebell training and why don’t you see for yourself if kettlebells are good or not.

    What benefit is in kettlebell training for beginners?

    There are many benefits of exercising with a kettlebell. For a beginner’s understanding, exercise is important. Fortunately, kettlebell exercises are easy to understand. Below we will list the benefits of kettlebell training for beginners.


    • Total body conditioning


    Kettlebell is perfect for total body conditioning. It can be used for strength training, cardio, balance training, or muscle growth. It has many applications and a beginner can immediately see benefits from using it.


    • Increase core strength


    Kettlebells are great for improving core strength. Core exercises like kettlebell crunch, kettlebell sit-ups, and many more can help improve core strength. Also, swinging exercises require you to have core stability, so kettlebells can help you with that.


    • Improves body balance


    Body balance training like kettlebell rise up, good morning or even squats can help improve balance. The kettlebell can provide overall stability to the body, even for athletes.


    • Increases body awareness and agility


    When a beginner goes into a workout program for the first time, his body’s agility and awareness of the surrounding environment increases. Since kettlebell exercises are so easy to understand and perform, it drastically increases body awareness and agility.


    • Very effective at fat burning


    Since kettlebell offers an effective full-body workout, it can help burn body fat faster.


    • Perfect home workout


    You don’t need a gym if you have kettlebells. You can easily perform a full-body workout with just one kettlebell at home.


    • Good for body stability


    Finally, kettlebells offer full-body stability through easy full-body workouts.

    We hope these benefits convince you to try out a few kettlebell workouts at home. If you don’t have any kettlebell then get one. They are very affordable. If you are looking for a useful kettlebell training program, then visit the Fitness Code. Fitness code is offering a free Kettlebell training program here.

    Beginner tips for kettlebell training

    Now, the time for beginner tips for a kettlebell training program. Let’s just jump right into it.


    • Warm up


    Every exercise requires a warm-up to get the blood pumping. If your body is rigid and does not have increased blood flow to the muscles, you will get less benefit from a workout. In fact, you will have more chances of injury. Warming up allows you to get your body ready to start a hard workout. It brings your body under your control and increases awareness. Your body will be more flexible after warm-up. The good news is, kettlebells are perfect for warming up. Grab a lightweight kettlebell and start the warm-up routine. Spend at least 10-15 minutes warming up. 


    • Full body workout


    Kettlebells are perfect for a full body workout. Dumbbells and barbells are great too, but nothing like kettlebells. Their kettle handle feature makes them perfect for a swing. It unlocks a lot of new and unique exercise opportunities. Since they are beginner friendly, they are great for anyone to try out a full body exercise.


    • Circuit workout


    Kettlebells are the best for a circuit workout. If you don’t know what a circuit workout is, well we will tell you. Circuit workouts are basically working out without any breaks. You will go from one exercise to another without having any break in between. It is a very stressful work out system but it brings quick results. Circuit workouts are great for quick fat burn and muscle building.

    Since kettlebells are easy and you can pretty much do all exercise with just one kettlebell, they are perfect for circuit workouts. Just make sure to not go too heavy on your first round.

    We hope these beginner tips to kettlebell training help you out in your fitness journey. Doesn’t matter what time of the year you decided to start, just stay consistent. We wish you luck on your journey.

    Final Thoughts

    Well if you have gone through the full article, you have already understood that you can reach your fitness goals with kettlebells. Our beginner tips to kettlebell training and a free program will help you a lot in your fitness journey. The key is to not stop and not to be inconsistent. Fitness can be achieved no matter where you are in your life, but you need to put effort. Only your hard work can get you to where you want to be. Kettlebell may not offer everything, yes they have limitations just like all the other tools, but they can get you through that beginning stage. They can build a foundation for you for your future endeavors.