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Being Kind Is Good for Your Health

    Whenever we talk about maintaining our good health, we always refer to the same advice. We should eat a well-balanced meal three times a day, exercise for at least 30 minutes daily, and sleep for roughly eight hours every night. 

    These activities undoubtedly have a positive impact on our health. But there is one more thing you can do that is just as healthy and beneficial: practicing kindness. 

    How exactly do you practice kindness? Here’s a list of simple and easy tips that you can follow. 

    Have Great Manners

    Back when we were young kids, our parents taught us to say “thank you” every time someone gave us something and “please” whenever we asked someone for help. We should continue applying this lesson now as adults. After all, having manners is required for people of all ages. 

    Showing gratitude and respect towards someone goes a long way. So, you better use your manners every day to leave a positive impact behind. 

    Give Out Smiles and Hugs 

    When someone smiles at you or a friend hugs you, you’re most likely going to feel warm and happy inside. 

    Because of this, you might want to try out smiling at people, even strangers. And to your friends and family, you might want to hug them more than usual. Doing this will make their day a whole lot better. 

    Send Gifts to Your Loved Ones

    A simple thing you can do to practice kindness is to send gifts to your friends and family — even when there’s no special celebration yet. The gifts you’re planning to give don’t have to be grand or elaborate — you can definitely choose to send simple gifts. What matters is that the gift is heartfelt and well thought out. 

    For example, you can give your loved ones delicious chocolates because you know how much they love desserts. Or you can surprise them with flowers if they’re the type of person who enjoys floral gifts. 

    Long story short, your gifts can be anything you want. Just ensure you’re giving them out of love for your loved ones. 

    Be Kind to Yourself

    Being kind to others is definitely a wonderful thing to do, but you should also remember to be kind to yourself. After all, you’re only human like others, and you deserve kindness and love as well. 

    So, try to silence the negative voices in your head. Engage in a few self-care activities like long baths and rest days now and then. Whatever you do, just make sure you’re treating yourself right. 


    Practicing kindness is such an important habit — in addition to making the world a better place, it is also good for your health. But though being kind is crucial, people often forget to incorporate it into their daily lives. 

    The activities mentioned above are a few small acts of kindness. If you want to do something kind every day, these activities are an excellent place to start.