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Benefits of breast pumping


    What is breast pumping?

    Breast pumping is the art of building up milk supply for a baby when a mother is not close to her child so that the baby can feed on the pumped milk.

    Most mothers do this to avoid using formula for their child because they want their child to feed on natural breast milk which is essential in a child’s development. The Freemie Breast Pump is on of the Best Breast pump, it is a good example.

     Why do mothers engage in breast pumping?

    It is a normal occurrence that mother engage in the art of breast pumping for the following reason

    1.     To store extra milk for the baby while they are away at work or shopping.
    2.     To donate breast milk to mother who can’t breast-feed.

     In the society today, a child’s growth is essential to all mother and due to specified health care group that support women and children, mothers have been highly encouraged to pump breast milk for the following reasons above.

    Here are some of the benefits of breast pumping:


    Donate Milk

    In society today, health care groups highly support breast pumping as an initiative to feed growing babies the natural way.

    In some instance there are some mothers who can’t breast-feed their child due to certain hormonal reason and this affects them psychologically.

    Doctors are advised that they can help certain women in such cases to get donated milk from other mothers to feed their child.

    This is highly advised because the baby will gain from the same nutrients that other babies are getting through breast-feeding.

    Donated milk is also recommended to parents or couples who have adopted a newborn baby. Instead of feeding the baby formula, pumped milk will help the child grow better.


    Disease Free

    Pumped milk is stored in milk banks found in health care and general hospitals. The milk is scanned for illnesses for the benefit of not infecting the newborn baby with illness unlike breast milk.

    It is common to new mothers to unknowingly transfer hidden illness to her newborn baby without knowing. This is why pumped milk is tested for illness before giving it to a newborn baby.


    Pumped milk offers the breast-feeding mother time to take rest after hours of feeding her child. This helps them regain breast milk, feed well and also rest well. Remember the more a mother is relaxed and happy with herself, the more she will be able to produce adequate breast milk for her child.

    In turn, a mother can also do various things within the house or work because she is content that her baby is feeding on the milk she had pumped earlier reliving her of stress.

    Time Saving 

    Pumping milk for mothers saves them a lot of time in that, they are able to do various things within a day without the hesitation that their child is not feeding well.

    For busy mothers who have a busy schedule to make a living for their family, time is very essential. Mothers have to support their families especially in the case of single parents. So it is essential to clear as much work in a day so that they can save as much time to go and tend to their new-born needs.

    Increase supply of milk 

    One of the most common ways to increase breast milk for a young one is through breast pumping. A mother who breast pumps will realize that she can produce more milk than other mothers who don’t hence it is an added advantage for the mother to pump as well as feed her child.


    For a new mother who is about to give birth, she should look at the benefits of pumping milk to her. This will be an eye-opener to her. For more information on the topic she can visit a health care center.