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Benefits of Chair Massage in Relieving Stress and Back Pain


    Receiving any massage has numerous advantages. Massages can be done on a table or in a massage chair, at a spa or workplace. Frequent massage decreases stress and anxiety in the body. Chair massage differs from the traditional hands-on massage therapy. It can provide relief from back pain, stress, anxiety among other ailments.

    Massage chairs create room for easy access to the head, shoulders, and back of a massage recipient. At the same time, robotic massage chairs use electric vibrators and motors to provide a massage. Learn more here.

    Chair massage can be beneficial for individuals with tight schedules. In relieving stress and back pain, here is how chair massage can be helpful.                                               

    Pain relief and relaxation

    A good chair massage provides some measure of pain relief and relaxation. This can be a solution for individuals with chronic back pain. Most people suffering from chronic pain often turn to massage therapy which helps in improving life quality. Massage chairs are viewed as essential alternatives to conventional massage therapy in controlling chronic back pain. Repeated muscular contraction can lead to the development of trigger points. Chair massage helps to release these trigger points and then relieve lower back pain.          

    Mental wellness

    Stress and anxiety is a common thing in our daily lives. If unchecked, stress and anxiety can be destructive to an individual’s mental health.  A chair massage is a great tool when it comes to fighting stress and anxiety.

    Massage chairs have the potential to relieve many of symptoms associated with stress such as muscle tightness and muscle stiffness. These symptoms mainly affect the neck, shoulders, and back. Chair massage has the ability to perform different types of massage techniques like shiatsu. Shiatsu improves awareness and concentration.

    Additionally, massage chairs can provide periodic relief from the physical and emotional strains associated with stress.

    The stress-relieving benefits of chair massage generally help in the well being of an individual.

    Fighting depression

    The body is known to store stress, anxiety, and depression. Globally, depression is affecting many people each and every day. However, chair massage is known to tackle depression.  Vibrations released by the chair stimulate pressure points and trigger the body to release dopamine and serotonin. The two neurotransmitters are good for fighting depression.

    Depressed people sometimes get symptoms of “brain fog.” Brain fog is characterized with failure to listen and keep track of what the other person is saying. In this case, a chair massage can stimulate the muscles and tissues that transport energy to the brain. The brain waves are then stimulated encouraging more profound relaxation, promoting a better night’s sleep.

    Improved posture

    Bad posture is a common thing among people who traditionally work sitting behind a desk. Many are not aware of the appropriate posture they should maintain while working.

    Bad posture can cause more problems such as back pains, fatigue, osteoarthritis, bone displacements, and migraines.

    However, a good massage chair can be beneficial to people affected by bad posture. Massage chairs target specific muscles and use different strokes to relieve pain which relaxes muscles. Relaxed muscles then allow the body to move with increased mobility.  A chair massage reinforces natural movements, which can get posture back on track. A straighten posture helps you to sit up straight, and in return, it decreases your back pain. A natural position helps the chest maintain a high and open especially at work. Sitting upright will improve an individual’s confident, in control, and comfortable leading to a happy life.

    Reduces migraines and headaches

    Headaches and migraines are common ailments that anybody can experience. However, a good chair massage can help in reducing migraines and headaches. During a headache, muscles of the scalp, jaw, and neck are contracted tightly. As a result, blood vessels supplying oxygen to these muscles are then constricted. This means that the muscles work with an inadequate supply of nutrients carried in the blood. It is believed that this combination is the leading cause of pain and headaches. Massage helps to relax the contracted muscles. A massage chair can reduce tension in the muscles. Relaxed muscles improve blood flow in return lowering chances of experiencing headaches. Pain associated with headaches would be significantly reduced with massage since the nodular footplates in the chair are helpful in stimulating reflexology therapy.