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Benefits of Digital Dental Impressions

    Cedar Park is a major suburb near central Austin with outstanding dental clinics. For your orthodontist in Cedar Park, digital impressions can be a great tool.

    A digital impression is a digital representation of your mouth. It is meant to help orthodontists plan their treatments in advance.

    Many orthodontists now use digital impressions for almost all treatment plans. There are many benefits for using digital impressions including:

    Increased Treatment Accuracy

    A digital impression offers an orthodontist a lot of information about your mouth. A digital impression can replicate your mouth to the smallest crack in your tooth.

    With so much information at their disposal, orthodontic treatments can now be more accurate than ever. There is no more trial and error, which in the past had some undesirable results.

    Less Treatment Time

    Another benefit of digital dental impressions is that you spend less time in the dentist’s chair. A digital impression takes only between three and five minutes to complete.

    Moreover, traditional methods used to include the orthodontist studying your mouth for the right treatment plan. However, they can now study the digital impression instead while you await treatment.

    Therefore, a digital impression ensures that there is minimal disruption to your lifestyle and orthodontic treatment plans take much less time to formulate.

    Stores Data

    Another benefit of digital impressions is that the information they provide can be stored for posterity. Traditionally, doctors had no frame of reference and had to deal with your teeth as they currently were.

    Additionally, orthodontists can now examine a previous digital representation of your mouth and compare it with a current one to see the changes. Digital impressions can reveal even the smallest of changes.

    Moreover, the information doctors have about your mouth will be a lot more accurate than before. Traditionally records were a matter of description which had many mistakes, as humans are prone to mistakes.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Traditionally, dentists and orthodontists had to use a lot of equipment to figure out the state of your mouth. A digital impression completely eradicates the need for that.

    With a digital impression, all the dentist or orthodontist has to do is take a few images of your mouth. All the information they need about your mouth is in the image.

    No more need for lots of trays, suction cups, and impression materials that would fill the dentist’s garbage. Therefore, a digital impression reduces the materials that have to be used and discarded, which spares the environment.

    Better Patient Experience

    The conventional method of dental impressions was very uncomfortable. It included a lot of prodding and placing materials inside your mouth to get an accurate impression. It is one of the reasons why people hate going to the dentist so much. However, with a digital impression, all you have to do is sit there for five minutes and the orthodontist has an accurate dental impression.

    The dental experience is much better with a digital impression.