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Benefits Of Meditation

    If you have ever visited Buddhist monastery, there is possibility of coming across some of the happiest people you have ever met. Monks and nuns stroll about their daily routine in graceful and deliberate manner. Their semi-permanent beams show the Spartan condition in which they live. Zen meditation and Kung Fu is a great combination which Warrior Monks are known for. Warrior monks are the special kind of monk that combines meditation with fighting, these monks fight whenever the need arises and they likewise meditate regularly to keep their body and soul intact. These combinations are very essential to them and it helps them in attaining their full potentials. Some of the benefits of Zen meditation include the following:

    Meditation reduces stress

    Stress is created as a result of agitation and this is what most people deal with on regular basis. And it is increasing thereby giving the rising use of anti-anxiety medications. However, meditation allows warrior monks to control their own nerves as well as emotions. Various studies have also shown that meditation improve the ability to regulate emotions in the brain thereby assisting warrior monks whenever they are fighting war to defend their land.

    It improves concentration

    Buddhist meditation is very essential for warrior monks so as to enhance their concentration. Zen and Kung Fu is a martial art where meditation plays a vital role. There are several things which can distract their attention when on the battle field but with the aid of meditation, they would be well focused and accomplish their main objective. Studies have also shown that Buddhist meditation improve the ability to multitask which is very essential for warrior monk. Buddhist meditation has also been linked to a number of things which enhance the ability to focus and memory retention. Additionally, greater concentration is related to the increased energy which is provided by meditation. It has been reported that meditation connects with the real source of energy in the body thereby helping warrior monks when fighting war.

    It encourages a healthy lifestyle

    Healthy lifestyle is very crucial for each and every one, and warrior monks are not exempted. Buddhist meditation helps warrior monk to achieve healthy lifestyle when they are the monastery or at war. Their lifestyle plays a crucial role in what they achieve either at the monastery or at war. This implies that more meditation help warrior monks to live a healthy lifestyle thereby contributing more to their society.

    The practice increases self-awareness

    It has been reported by a monk that Buddhist Meditation thought lots of people how they can control several act of anger. Meditation can teach them how they can easily recognize their anger and become more detached from it thereby making them more comfortable. Whenever you take time to dive inside yourself, you are more comfortable showing who you are, and this has been helping warrior monks whenever they are in the monastery. This is because they would be able to control themselves while doing other activities.

    It slows aging

    Different studies have shown that meditation changes the physiology of the brain to slow aging. “Cognition seems to be preserved in meditators,” says Sara Lazar, a researcher at Harvard University. Lazar also added that Buddhist meditation likewise have more gray matter because, literarily more brain cells. Elizabeth Hoge, did a study which shows that meditators have a longer telomeres, the caps on chromosomes indicative of biological age (rather than chronological). That meditation lengthens life; Hoge likewise reported that meditation reduces stress as well as effect on the body. This serves as a great benefit to warrior monks because it relaxes their body and brain after war or strenuous activities.