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Benefits of Metatarsal Pads – Pain Relief or You Just Want More Comfort?

    Are you one of the fitness geeks who wake up at 5 in the morning, even on weekends just to go for a jog in the morning? Or do you resort to exercise when you’re frustrated by the daily hustle and bustle of life?

    Then I’m sure you would want to look into the Benefits of Metatarsal Pads

    Not familiar with the term metatarsal pads?

    Well then, keep on reading, because I’m about to make your jogging experience a whole lot more comfortable. 

    What are Metatarsal Pads anyway? 

    To put it in simple words, metatarsal pads are basically cushions that rest beneath the ball of your foot to provide pain relief.

    In technical terms, metatarsal pads are strategically designed to transfer the tension from a point in your ankle and distribute it, to provide relief.

    Benefits of Metatarsal Pads –Why Do You Need One?

    If you’ve had any complications with your feet in the past, any surgeries, if you need treatment for a number of conditions like metatarsalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes. Or if you have skin that is sensitive and tends to tear and hurt when you put some pressure on it. 

    Then you might want to start wearing a metatarsal pad on your foot to keep them protected if you haven’t done that already. 

    Now, allow me to enlighten you with the benefits you can have by wearing metatarsal pads!

    Jogging Making Your Feet Rugged?

    Don’t let cracked and rugged feet stop you from following your heart. 

    Or maybe your favorite jogging trail in this context. 

    In any case, it’s really common to get cracked feet when you jog every morning, and, considering you care about your body health, you wouldn’t want to go around with heels that are cracked and rugged. Doesn’t look too clean for your liking, right?

    Moreover, it hurts like hell!

    So, getting a metatarsal pad would remove your feet from the direct pressure and would protect your feet from the rough insoles on your jogging shoes.

    Oh, and the motivation to jog?

     You might need something stronger than some pads to help you.

    Shoes Hurt Your Feet? You’re Not Alone! 

    Can’t wear your favorite new shoes out for a day anymore because you end up spending the whole night being an uncomfortable mess after?

    We’ve been there!

    Most shoes are designed without taking the structure and how it affects the walking and functioning of different feet into consideration.

    Even most that claim to provide you with the best quality and design. They might look good, but they are not good for the overall health of your foot.

    Not to mention they are the root cause of many toe and foot problems.

    Don’t worry! We have a solution:

    As we’ve already told you about it, wearing a metatarsal pad would aid in making your shoes more comfortable and significantly softer on your feet. 

    Go all out and make eyes turn with those new shoes of yours!

    Treatment for Various Foot Injuries:

    If you suffer from any of the following ailments:

    • Metatarsalgia
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Pes Planus
    • Foot Ulcer, etc.

    Or if you’ve had any surgery in the past and now need to be careful about your feet, you may already have a doctor advise you to  start wearing metatarsal pads with your shoes or sandals regularly. 

    If you do that, great. But if you don’t, you have to start wearing these pads ASAP. 

    The medical results of wearing these metatarsal pads have been amazing and many doctors themselves swear on the benefits of it.

    Diabetes Complications?

    We all are aware of the foot problems that follow diabetes.

    If you are a patient suffering from diabetes, then you might over time develop diabetic neuropathy.

    What that does is make you lose some feelings and sensations in your feet. Consequently, if you accidentally hurt or cut your foot, you may not even notice the wound till it becomes infected. 

    But, relief is that you can try your best to avoid these problems.

    If you wear a metatarsal pad on your feet, it would protect them from basic and minor injuries that can later turn into something much more dangerous.

    It’s never too late to start a good habit. 

    Improve Overall Health of Your Foot:

    Are you one of those people who are never seen wearing anything on your feet other than shoes? Been obsessed with shoes for way too long?

    Then it’s likely that your toes have suffered the consequence.

    Keeping your feet closed inside the shoes, with your toes in a tight and crooked position for long periods would result in misaligned and crooked toes. 

    Furthermore, not allowing air to pass through your feet and keeping them in a confined space will make your feet smell for sure.

    To rid yourself of both of these problems, you can simply get metatarsal pads. 

    Along with providing comfort, they will realign your toes by keeping them in an anatomically right position.

    And most of the pads are designed to stay odorless. They will remove and reduce odor to a great extent, and keep your feet fresh.

    Say goodbye to smelly feet!


    And that’s a wrap!

    These are the few different Benefits of Metatarsal Pads that you can avail. There is no downside to using them and over all the other advantages, they additionally provide you with more comfort. 

    If you don’t want anything to hold you back, and relieve yourself of pain that keeps you from being the best version of yourself, consider getting yourself a metatarsal pad that would best suit your needs. As they come in different sizes and types.

    Don’t know what suits you best yet?

    Leave it all up to us!

    Take a look to find the metatarsal pads with a buying guide to help you choose one that would be perfect for you. You will be guided through all the pros and cons and what material would be just right. 

    These will not keep your feet stuck in one place, pun intended. 

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