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Benefits of Mobile Health Clinics

    The state of health in many countries and in the rural areas in particular has always been wanting especially with the governments unable to build the necessary infrastructure that will cater for the population. Even with the best of efforts, there is no doubt that many people are unable to get healthcare services which are expensive. However, the use of expandable trailers has become a game changer in many countries as these enable for mobile health clinics which are able to reach millions of people in places that are otherwise unreached. For private sector and governments alike, mobile health clinics not only help reach the unreached but can also be a source of income in any society. With an expandable trailer, there will be no need for expensive things such as land, structures and even massive space that is normally required in hospital set-ups.

    The lack of access to healthcare services is not only limited to rural areas but even those in urban settings do also find it hard to get the desired services on time. Queues in government –managed hospitals are always long and doctors and nurses also get exhausted trying to serve hundreds of people each day. Lives are lost every day in situations but this can be dealt with by embracing mobile hospitals that can take the essential services right at the doorsteps of those who need those including schools and shopping centers. Such services will help lower mortality rates and make life much easier for many people around the globe. So, what are the benefits of mobile health clinics?

    This article will discuss some of the benefits offered by mobile health clinics in the society. They include the following: –

    Benefits of mobile health clinics


    • They enhance service accessibility


    One of the greatest benefits of mobile clinics is that they make services easily accessible to millions of people who would otherwise be unable to enjoy them. The fact that these clinics are mobile means that those who are unable to leave their homes and walk, ride or drive all the way to static health clinics and hospitals can have these services brought to their doorsteps.

    This is especially helpful for local school children, expectant women and the aged who might not be in a position to move all the way to the places where efficient services are offered. Beyond Zero mobile clinic campaign in Kenya is a good case in point when it comes to bringing healthcare services to those in the grassroots.


    • Inexpensive to start and manage


    Buying land and building structures where patients can receive good healthcare services is never easy especially when looking for favorable atmosphere. However, with an expandable trailer and the necessary medical supplies, doctors and nurses can easily hit the road running and be able to attend to those already waiting or looking for good health services. This is far much cheaper than building a hospital or clinic to serve any given community.


    • They offer innovative technology


    Mobile health clinics can be equipped with the best innovative technology that helps in the identification of different diseases. Those with access to such services no longer have to travel for long distances for tests such as MRIs or TMR. The revolution in the medical science means that mobile clinics too can offer high tech services since they are equipped with medical equipments just as is the case with major hospitals. The fact that these equipments are no longer bulky means they can be accommodated in an expandable trailer thus bringing them all the way down to those who need them.

    Mobile health clinics can be equipped for all manner of medical services including primary healthcare, optometry and dentistry among others. The use of such technology helps save time, enhances efficiency and also improves accuracy as far as examination and record keeping is concerned.


    • Enables for effective data storage


    Talk to medical professionals today and they will all be in agreement as to how tedious and expensive it is to keep medical records. This is true despite the fact that these records are of great importance in guaranteeing efficient service delivery and accuracy at the same time. With mobile health clinics, keeping such records is easy and accessing them faster which essentially eliminates any chances of error. Mobile health clinics are equipped with on-board applications which help capture patients’ data real-time and this data can easily be shared amongst doctors when handling specific patients.

    This eliminates the possibility of misdiagnosis, erroneous prescriptions and record loss. Health care providers do not have to rely on paperwork to get the desired information regarding their patients. Only a barcode is required to access this kind of information thus enhancing efficiency.


    • Brings patient-centric approach


    For years, clinical-centric approach has been the focus and this has been ongoing for many decades. However, things have shifted with the introduction of IT solutions that support the work of healthcare providers, allowing them to affect the lives of their patients in a more positive way. The patient-centric approach allows for greater focus on the patient with the main aim being their health status and how to provide quality services that will improve their health and lives. Being able to get down to the patient means that healthcare professionals can offer not only the right treatment but also give relevant advice that will be all encompassing for a healthier lifestyle.

    There are many other benefits associated with the use of mobile health clinics and all these can be enjoyed by all. Both healthcare professionals will find their work made easier while patients are able to access quality services within a short time and inexpensively. It is good to note that patient-doctor confidentiality is something that is guaranteed in this kind of a set-up and there is nothing to worry about.

    Doctors can also corroborate with each other when handling same patients and such kind of information sharing is helpful in guaranteeing efficiency. With an expandable trailer, rolling down efficient mobile healthcare services is easy and greatly rewarding.