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Benefits of Oral Care and Regular Dental Visits

    Oral health is vital to leading a healthy life. Dr. Lauren Izadi DDS and her team at West End Dental offer various modern dental care services that aim at improving you and your family’s oral health and giving them a perfect smile as well as restoring self-esteem. A dentist can replace a broken tooth, repair a misaligned tooth, and whiten discolored teeth, among other services to make you look good and promote your general health. However, if the tooth is severely damaged and can’t be fixed, your dentist may suggest getting painless tooth extractions in Vineland and replacing it with a den.

    What is the importance of seeing the dentist?

    Visiting a dentist ensures that you lead a healthy life. Your doctor will be able to check your gums, cavities, loosened teeth, and other infections. Not practicing dental hygiene and avoiding visiting the dentist can cause various problems. To avoid any problems that might arise, it is recommended that you see a dentist every 6 months. Visiting a dentist comes with benefits such as:

    •         Prevent your teeth from decay
    •         Treatment of gum disease and other infections; your doctor will diagnose and treat gum disease to prevent further problems.
    •         You will be able to get treatment and remove the bacteria that cause bad breath.
    •         Visiting a dentist makes you gain more confidence; missing, misaligned, and discolored teeth can make you avoid friends or talking to other people. A dentist ensures that you get tooth cleaning, tooth replacement, and other procedures. Talking or laughing in front of your friends won’t be a problem anymore.
    •         Teeth whitening and/or cleaning from the dentist makes your discolored teeth whiter, hence a bright smile.
    •         A dentist’s visit makes your teeth stronger because you will get treatment and preventive care services to avoid problems that might crop up in the future.
    •         A visit to the dentist helps detect problems such as oral cancers and other infections.
    •         A visit to the dentist helps the doctor identify any bad oral practices so they can give you measures that can keep you healthy.
    •         A dentist replaces missing teeth, misaligned or crooked teeth, and other dental procedures to make you feel good and look better.

    When should I see a dentist?

    When You Have a Toothache

    Pain from an aching tooth can hinder your daily living, such as eating and talking. An aching tooth can be caused by decay, problems with the gums, a cracked tooth, and other issues. You should visit the dentist for a checkup to identify the underlying cause of the pain and get treatment.

    When You Have Broken Teeth

    Your tooth may crack due to an injury or other causes. A dentist will be able to check your broken tooth and save it from breaking further. However, if the tooth is severely damaged and can’t be fixed, your dentist may suggest getting painless tooth extractions in Vineland and replacing it with a dental implant.

    Bleeding Gums

    Your gums may bleed or swell due to infections from built-up bacteria. Other practices, such as drinking and smoking, can also affect your gums. Make sure you consult your doctor to check the condition of your gums.

    Other factors that may necessitate you to see the doctor are a sensitive tooth, missing teeth, jaw pain, bruxism, and other conditions. It is crucial to see the doctor to diagnose and identify the underlying problem, and offer treatment. Oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist are essential towards ensuring that you lead a quality life.