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Benefits of Outpatient Detox

    Addiction is a serious mental health affliction affecting tens of millions of people around the globe. Courtney Scott MD, DO runs one of the best psychological clinics in Orange County, California and offers outpatient detox.

    The typical method of addiction treatment is inpatient treatment at a rehabilitation facility or a hospital. However, outpatient detoxification is slowly becoming popular to addiction patients and specialists for a wide variety of reasons.

    Some of the benefits offered by outpatient detox which include:

    You Can Be Productive

    When you check into a rehab facility, you are essentially taking a break from your life for the duration of your stay. On the contrary, when you choose outpatient services, you can maintain a significant part of your real life.

    You can still go to work or work from home. If you have creative pursuits, you can still do them. You can also workout and do activities like yoga which benefit your health.

    Most important of all, you can still be productive if you cannot afford to take time off work. Therefore, outpatient detox allows you to continue earning a living while you recover from your addiction.


    The price of some of the inpatient rehab facilities in Orange County, CA will astound you. Some of them can cost you $100,000 for a three month stay.

    The cost of outpatient detox is a lot cheaper than staying in an inpatient facility. Moreover, you get to have a customized treatment plan since it is happening in your home.

    If your insurance covers a significant part of the treatment, even better. 

    Family Support

    One of the most difficult parts about recovering from addiction is the stigma. It can cause relapses if the patient thinks there is no one to support them.

    In an inpatient rehab facility, the support comes from other patients and the medical professionals. Though they might truly care and be excellent at their jobs, it simply can’t compare to the support of family. 

    When you are in outpatient detox, you will be able to see your family every single day, and their motivation and encouragement will do wonders on your journey to addiction recovery.

    Easier Transition

    The life in an inpatient hospital or rehab facility is very different from your normal life. The break might be beneficial to break your addiction, but it also makes it harder to transition back to your normal life.

    The sheltered experience of an inpatient rehab facility is different from outpatient detox. Though still sheltered, you have access to the outside world and all the temptations it offers.

    Therefore, when it is time to go back to your regular routine, you will have an easy time transitioning back to it. That means a shorter time getting back to being productive and less chance of a relapse due to the difficulty of transition.