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Benefits of Telemedicine

    Advancement of technology has brought a revolution in medicine. With telemedicine, barriers to proper healthcare such as distance, reliable and fast means of transportation, and even time are no longer a threat. For instance, if you are alone in your house and suddenly experience a health condition which you have not experienced before, talking to Dr. Ariel Soffer in Aventura is a good avenue of getting medical care in the comfort of your home.

    Improved Healthcare Access

    With telemedicine, you do not have to worry about distance and time to travel between you and your doctor. No matter your geographical location, your doctor is a click away. Therefore, you can get medical attention immediately.

    Saves You Money

    Telemedicine makes it easy for you to obtain medical care without spending more time and money to get to your doctor. Lack of commuting to the hospital will, therefore, save you money.

    Telemedicine Eases Convenience

    Imagine the convenience of getting medical care in the comfort of your home? Supposing you lack time to leave work for a hospital appointment. All you need to do is call your doctor, who will examine you virtually and give you the best course of treatment.

    Reduces Infection Rates

    Going to a hospital means getting into contact with other patients who are suffering from similar or even different conditions than yours. Close contact is a basis for the spread of infectious diseases and the threats to people suffering from weak immune systems. Telemedicine, therefore, removes the risk of contracting a disease with a visit to your doctor.

    Better Quality Care Delivery

    Telemedicine can improve the level of care you receive. With telemedicine, you will have a deliberate engagement with your doctor anytime you experience mild symptoms. As a result, you will have fewer hospital admissions, which translates to fewer hospital readmissions, and subsequently, reduce the probability of spending days in the hospital.

    Enhances Your Patient-Doctor Relationship

    An open, honest, positive doctor-patient relationship is one of the critical elements in promoting high-quality patient care. Telemedicine supports this relationship as your doctor continues to show you medical care in a virtual person. You can talk to your doctor and have video communication which mimics the real face to face communication. Your doctor can see some of your symptoms and even hear some, such as a cough.

    Gives You Satisfaction

    The upside of telemedicine is that healthcare for you is more comfortable, more convenient, and even saves you time and money. The flexibility of getting medical care from home makes it an easy task to have real-time medical attention. Yes, it gives you satisfaction in knowing you are in control of your health without too much struggle. You are in charge of your health as you can access your doctor’s services regardless of your location. As a result, you do not have emotional stress compared to a patient who cannot receive medical treatment when they need it.

    Telemedicine is an excellent way of receiving medical care. Embracing it will give you the convenience you desire. You only need to go physically to your doctor’s clinic when the situation demands, like a life-threatening condition.