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Benefits of Weighted Vests

    Weighted vests are helpful for people looking to pack on some extra muscle. While a normal weightlifting routine would work just fine, wearing weighted clothing like vest weights will enhance the process and make your workout more effective.

    There are weighted vests which are available for all types of needs. Some vests are mild and can be worn by beginners. Others go up to 100 lbs – intended for bodybuilders who are looking to build up their muscles on a grander scale.

    There are various weight levels as well styles which are available in weighted vests. So one can choose whichever suits their requirement. There are various benefits offered by the weighted vests. Some of them are listed below.

             Enhances muscle and bone strength

    By adding in the weighted vests you are basically training your muscles to handle the extra weight. Adding this additional weight will make your bones respond to the staring and will build the bone mass. Hence this will result in overall denser and stronger bones. This will eliminate all the possibilities of the bone-related diseases which will happen in the old age due to the weakness in the bones.

             Fat Burn

    While fat burn will occur when doing exercise, adding the weighted vests to the body will enhance the process of weight loss by burning the fat much faster. When the weighted vests are added to work out sessions especially the high-intensity ones, it is proven to be the quickest form of burning fat. This is because adding weights will burn extra calories during the workout.

             Core strength is improved

    Wearing the weighted vests during a plank or so will add pressure to the abdominals. This will strengthen the core to balance and to hold heavy loads. Even if the core workout is not performed, wearing the weighted vests will have its effects because here the core muscles are used to stabilize the body.

             Additional Cardiovascular benefits

    Performing exercises like running and jogging are good for the heart. While one lifts weights at the gym a similar effect can be noticed. All this happens because the activity increases metabolism and burns calories. There is an increased need for energy here and hence the cardiovascular system will overdrive, which will strengthen all the organs under it. Wearing weighted vests while performing these workouts will increase the oxygen intake and enhance the functioning of the cardiovascular organs. This will, on the other hand, increase the efficiency of their functioning.

    Many studies show that people who wore weighted vests in their workouts were able to perform exercises much better in the long run and their exhaustion rate kept decreasing as the days progressed. Compared to the people who worked out without wearing weighted vests these people were able to perform tasks easily such as climbing the stairs and doing heavy intensity workouts. This proves that the addition of weighted vests during the workouts will improve the overall efficiency of the body and the heart functions.