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Benefits to Improve Your Health By Running

    You may have heard the saying, exercise is medicine. Well, it is true in reality! As per scientific research, regular exercising has incredible health benefits which reduces your requirement of consuming pills. Studies reveal running avoids type 2 disease, obesity, high blood pressure, stroke and heart problems. It enhances the quality of your life and helps you live healthy longer. Some of the benefits of running are mentioned below: 


    • Running makes you content and happy


    Running regularly makes you feel better. Even it has been researched that 30 minutes of walking on a treadmill can uplift your mood and change your depressive order. Moderate running helps you cope up with stress and anxiety and boosts your sleep quality and concentration during day.


    • Running helps you maintain your weight as well as shed weight


    Exercising burns calories and the bonus is that shedding of weight continues even after you stop. Studies reveal that regular running enhances after burn. And you don’t literally have to run at the speed of cheetah for it, all you got to be is a little faster than your regular speed and slower than the marathon speed.


    • Running strengthens your joints, bones and knees


    Running enhances bone mass and prevents aging of the bones. Running enhances your knee health. Often people with no history of running suffer from knee arthritis. Runners do not possess the risk of developing osteoarthritis over time.


    • Running makes you sharper even when you aging


    People are worried that they may lose it as they age. But, running helps you to stay with it. It defeats age related mental issues, specially working memory and task handling. In stroke patients, running enhances memory, thinking, judgment issues and language problems by 50%. It improvises your ability to plan, concentrate, organize and pay attention. As per scientific research, regular exercising has incredible health and neurological benefits which reduce your requirement of consuming pills.


    • Running lowers the risk of cancer


    It may not cure cancer but it does help in preventing it. Regular running is linked with a lower risk of certain cancers. It enhances your quality of life, if you are undergoing chemotherapy


    • Running adds more years to your age


    Even if you just perform minimum quantity of physical activity i.e. 30 minutes for 5 days a week, you will have a longer life span. Studies reveal that when different kinds of people, they had different life span. Cancer survivors added 5 years to their life while smokers gained 4 years. People with heart disease extended their lives with 4.5 years while non-smokers added 5 years.

    Running is an amazing treatment for flat feet

    If you have problem of flat feet and you can barely walk properly because of it, then running is the best treatment for you. Get the best running shoes for flat feet to enhance your running abilities. It keeps your foot in better position and avoids inflammation and pain.

    It is very important to put on the right running shoes for running and exercising. Get the one as per your preference, budget and exercising needs.