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Best Blender For Your Frozen Fruit

    You can’t compromise with a frozen drink on a sunny summer day. Frozen smoothies are just the refreshment you would look for after a whole day of heat and sweat or maybe to boost your energy for the rest of the day. These smoothies are high on nutrition, tasty and making them is just a matter of minutes.  When you are running out of time, a frozen smoothie is the best option to provide you with the necessary nutrients. However, the consistency and quality of a smoothie depend on the usage of qualified ice crushing blender.

    You will indeed find a bunch of blenders for this purpose, but not all of them will live up to the mark. Some of them might do the work just fine leaving a mess in your kitchen or making too much noise, or some might not even utilize enough power and energy to crush the icy ingredients leaving a lumpy and grainy liquid that is not even close to a smoothie. Now, this can be frustrating. The points you need to look out to buy the best blender for your frozen fruit include-

    • Efficient and powerful motor:

    A powerful motor is a must when buying an ice crushing blender. Undoubtedly, an efficient blender is required to crush the icy ingredients. The ideal power range for a motor, in this case, has to be around 1000-1500 watts. A cooling feature for the motor would be an addition for maintaining safety.


    • Right shape, size and material of the container:

    It might not look like a significant requirement to buy a blender but indeed the shape and material of the container matters. The best blender for frozen fruit has the quality to constantly break the frozen fruits in a whirling motion. A wide container helps the ingredients to be sucked down to the blades. As a result, making it easier and more efficient in crushing them. Again, polycarbonate material is the most suitable for this kind of blenders as they make the container most durable and sturdy. Hence, the shape, size and material of the blender determine the blending speed, quality and quantity of your beverage.


    • Strong blades:

    The blades of a blender determine its effectiveness in crushing frozen ingredients. Strong, sturdy and sharp blades are needed for this purpose. High-quality technology processed, stainless blades are the requirement.


    • Ease of use:

    Complex designs make the assembling of the blender complicated. It might be frustrating at times too when you are running out of time. Smoothies save you time and so you need something that needs less effort to organize and clean. Simple design,  less technical complications and simultaneously equally effective blenders are needed to make the usage of these blenders convenient.


    • Price:

    Price is a big factor when looking for an ice crushing blender. Many times, expensive blenders with high tech features will not live up to the mark compared with the price. You are advised to compare price ranges of these blenders with different manufacturing companies and dealers. You can also look for discounted rates on these blenders but verification of the features and performance is needed beforehand that will save you money. Check Vitamix vs NutriBullet blender for more info.


    Presently, the high-quality blenders in the market include- Ninja professional series, Vitamix’s Professional Series 750 and Blendtec Classic blender. A summary of their features and performance is mentioned. Give a quick read-

    1. Ninja Professional Blender BL660:

    The blender motor power is 1100 watts, has a professional blade system to crush ice in seconds and it comes with ninja cups. However, the blending is noisy and single-serve blade may wear out quickly.


    1. Vitamix Professional Series 750:

    It comes with 2.2 peak horsepower motor, 4 stainless steel blade system, PVC plastic container with 64-ounce capacity. All this works to make it suitable and efficient for ice crushing purpose.


    1. Blendtec Total Classic Blender:

    This version of the Blendtec blenders come with a 3 peak horsepower motor that supplies power of 1560 watts. It also has features of digital touchpads, preprogrammed blending cycles and auto shut down which makes it ridiculously easy to operate. The container volume is of 2 quartz and made of BPA Plastic. It also comes with 2 prong blades made of stainless steel material.


    A good comparison can be obtained from the mentioned picks to determine the best blender for frozen fruit. You need to be concerned as to choose the right blender for the purpose of crushing your frozen fruit that would save you time and would require fewer efforts in the assemblage and smoothie making. Keeping an eye on the price tag of the blender you are choosing that provides you with a more effective result is also needed. Carefully inspecting the features of your blender will render a better outcome as well. So, why delay in choosing the best blender for your frozen fruit?