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Best Cosmetic Dental Procedures to Improve Your Dental Aesthetic

    With the booming technologies and medical advancements, cosmetic dentistry has become much more useful than ever. It provides various effective cosmetic dental treatments and procedures that help dental patients to improve their dental aesthetics and get back their pretty smiles. Some of those cosmetic dental treatments and procedures are as follows: 


    Teeth Whitening or Teeth Bleaching


    Teeth whitening is a dental treatment that helps dental patients get rid of their paled and stained teeth and get whiter and brighter teeth. This treatment is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments. 


    Teeth whitening is usually done in two major ways that are


    In-Office Teeth Whitening- In-office teeth whitening process is performed by the whitening dentists within their dental clinic. They use either tray bleaching or laser whitening (ZOOM) methods to whiten their patients’ teeth. The in-office teeth whitening process is the most effective teeth whitening treatment. 


    At-Office Teeth Whitening- At-home teeth whitening procedure is performed by the patients themselves using different over-the-counter teeth whitening products, such as whitening strips, toothpaste, and mouthwash. This teeth whitening method is less effective than In-office teeth whitening. 


    Porcelain Veneers 


    If teeth whitening or teeth bleaching is not the best option for your cosmetic dental problem, Porcelain Venners may fit best to your requirements. 


    Porcelain Venners are shell fabricated with porcelain (a ceramic material). They are placed over the teeth to whiten the teeth and protect the teeth surface from damage. They are perfect for improving your dental aesthetic.


    Gingival Contouring


    Gingival Contouring treatments treat gummy smiles (in which an excessive amount of gum tissue is exposed when smiling). They involve laser treatment, maxillofacial surgery, surgical lip repositioning, and gingival sculpting. Generally, these treatments are dentists and medical specialists, such as periodontists and orthodontists.


    During the Gingival Contouring treatments, dentists or surgeons ensure that your gum tissue does not expose too much when you smile or open your mouth. These treatments are perfect to improve your dental aesthetic and give you a pretty smile. 


    Direct Composite Bonding 


    Though direct composite bonding is not as popular as other cosmetic dental treatments and procedures are, it is nonetheless one of the best cosmetic dental treatments.  


    In direct composite bonding, dentists use different materials (such as fillings, crowns, and veneers) as a permanent attachment to the teeth. And these attachments repair chipped, cracked, and gapped (small gaps) teeth. 


    Direct composite bonding is also effective to improve the aesthetic of your teeth and smile. If you have chipped, cracked, and gapped teeth, it would be helpful to undergo a direct composite bonding dental procedure. It will surely help you get rid of your cosmetic dental problems. 




    Invisalign is a perfect alternative to traditional metal braces. It is used for aligning and shaping the teeth and teeth line. 


    It is a clear plastic-made dental aligner worn over the teeth to perfectly align the teeth and improve the dental aesthetic. It is much more effective than traditional metal braces. 


    The dentist in McKinney suggests the dental patients wear Invisalign at least 20-22 hours a day to get faster and better results. It is a perfect cosmetic dental solution for those who have crooked & crowded and misaligned teeth. 


    These are some of the best cosmetic dental treatments and procedures that are effective to improve your dental aesthetic and give you a prettier smile.