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Best Exercises To Help Prevent ACL Injuries

    ACL or Anterior Cruciate ligament injuries often make it difficult to walk properly. The anterior cruciate ligament is a band of tissue that connects your thighbone to your shin bone. It’s an important joint as it strengthens and stabilizes your knee. When it’s damaged you’ll notice pain in the area and swelling. 

    It is possible to stretch this ligament which will result in inflammation and pain. It’s also possible to tear it, either partially or completely. The level of injury will dictate your recovery time and how much you are able to use the affected leg. In many cases, it will be too painful to place any weight on the leg. 

    Prompt treatment of an ACL injury is essential to encourage a full recovery. However, with the help of the following exercises and visits to a reputable physiotherapist Concord, you should be able to prevent this injury from occurring. 

    Single-Leg Stand

    Simply stand on one leg for between 15 to 30 seconds with your knee slightly bent. Your foot, knee, and hip should be aligned while you stand. Repeat this eight times before switching legs. It will strengthen the area and reduce the risk of injury.

    Heel Touch

    This is a great exercise for anyone that is physically active. You’ll need an elevated surface. Stand on this with one foot, the other should be next to your first foot with nothing under it. Put your hands on your hips and lower your hanging foot to the ground, until just your heel touches. You’ll need to bend the other leg to keep your back straight. Return to the starting point and repeat eight times before switching legs.

    Wall Squats

    Squats are a great way to strengthen your leg muscles and reduce the risk of injury. The wall squat helps to ensure you’re completing the exercise correctly. Simply lean against a wall and lower yourself down as though sitting on a chair. Keep your back against the wall while you’re doing it. Your knees should be over your ankles, not your toes. Hold the lower position for thirty seconds before moving back up the wall. Repeat eight times. 

    The Lunge

    You probably already know how to lunge. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and step forward. Bend your knees as you do so, they should both be at 90°. This puts the calf of your back leg and the thigh of your front leg parallel with the ground. Again, the front knee should be above the ankle. 

    Repeat ten times and then swap legs. 


    It may seem surprising but jumps can help to strengthen your leg and knee joint, it’s all about the right technique. You need to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then, jump forward kicking your feet up behind you, and then landing on both feet evenly.

    It’s best to start with small jumps to get the landing right.

    Additional Thoughts

    These exercises can help to strengthen your knee joint and prevent ACL injuries from happening. But, it is also a good idea to speak to your physiotherapist as they will know your individual situation and can recommend other exercises that will help.