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Best Family Doctor in Conroe, TX

    Are you a resident in Conroe, TX, and need a doctor who can offer treatment and checkup service to the whole family? Then you are in the right place. At Family Life Medical, we have the best family doctor in Conroe, TX. Dr. Kyle Scarborough provides all kinds of medical services and treatments to both young and old.

    With a medical degree from the University of Texas, he has all the required expertise, knowledge, and experience to offer the best healthcare having completed his residency in 1992 at Southwest Memorial Hospital in Houston.

    He has deep community affection, and he is happy to offer his help to all members of the community and particularly families. He understands how bad health can disrupt a family’s peace, and that’s why he offers to offer medical checkups to all members of the family. Your family will be in caring hands when you come in for an appointment. Therefore, make that decision and call Family Life Medical and book an appointment.

    Some of the services offered include:

    School Physicals

    These are the medical checkups done to the young ones before they enter school or college. Therefore, it is vital for children of all ages. Some schools make it a mandatory requirement for your son or daughter to undergo a school physical before they can join. 

    Also, if your child is involved in sports, a school physical is critical to ascertain if they can handle the vigorous activity.

    The doctor studies past illnesses and injuries of your child and can also look at the family’s health history. The physical exam includes checking vital signs of the child and checks the patient’s vital organs such as the heart, lungs, nose, ears, and throat.

    Well-woman Exam

    Our doctor at family medical also offers excellent good woman exam checkups. This is an exam that is fundamentally different from regular checkups in that they place a particular emphasis on the woman’s reproductive system.

    The doctor will examine your reproductive system and study your medical history to determine if you need any specialized treatment. For a woman, a good woman exam is essential to keep your reproductive health in the best possible condition.

    Hypertension treatment

    Hypertension is a severe medical condition that needs the best health care for optimal management and treatment. When left untreated, hypertension can lead to more severe conditions such as heart failure and stroke.

    There are several causes of the condition, including lifestyle choices and family history. The doctor will perform an exam, study your medical history as well as of your family to pinpoint the causes.

    That’s why Dr. Scarborough is here to offer you the best hypertension treatment. The doctor will give a detailed lifestyle adjustment program to help you manage the high blood pressure. It is usually followed by medicine prescriptions that will help you control hypertension.

    Geriatric Care

    The doctor also provides specialized treatment for seniors. Seniors experience unique challenges as compared to young people. They are more susceptible to disease, and that’s why they need regular medical checkups.

    At Family Life Medical, our family doctor offers the best geriatric care. If you have your parents or grandparents living in the area, you can make an appointment for them. They will get the best attention specifically designed for them.

    Those are some of the services offered by our doctor in the facility. Other services include Bioidentical hormone therapy, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, and diabetes treatment. Our services are suitable for each member of the family. Contact Family Life Medical to book an appointment with the best Family doctor in Conroe.